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Going to College? How to Move Out of Your Parent’s House

You have recently graduated from high school, and it is time to prepare to face the next phase in your education. College is a major step for many people, and often is a young adult’s first exposure to the world. Some students are able to continue to live with their parents while attending classes, but […]

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Tips to Move into the Dorms without Taking Forever

Heading off to university at the start of the school year is filled with fun, new experiences, and a dose of worry, too. You’ll probably be excited to meet your roommates, see the campus again, and live on your own for the first time. Moving into a new dorm room is stressful enough without it […]

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9 Things You Need When You Move Into A Dorm

So, you’re finally 18, you’re a freshman, and it’s time to pack up things from your room for your college dorm. There is a slight problem when it comes to this. The truth is simple – it is impossible for you to fit everything you thought you can into your new dorm. You will be […]

Moving To College The Right Way

You are embarking on a great journey, but this is also a time of uncertainty and grand changes. While daydreaming about the wonderful college experiences that await you, use your time wisely this summer to make a moving game plan. Make sure that, when the time comes, you are not left scrambling and under additional […]