Moving to College

Tips for Making the Move to College All on Your Own

For lots of college students, the move from home to school is a group effort, one they make with their parents or relatives. However, for a myriad of reasons, many college students find themselves having to make the move solo. Just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean that moving to college solo isn’t doable. […]

Shipping Your Belongings To College: Top Tips

Almost 70 percent of American high school graduates (a number that was well over 2 million in 2015) head to college for the first time each fall. If you’re one of them and have never faced a solo move before, the prospect of packing and shipping everything may seem a bit overwhelming. Moving to college […]

Essential Checklist for University – Be Prepared!

Heading off to college is an exciting time. For many students, this is their first time away from home, so it’s a chance to fly the nest and become an adult. The problem is what do you need to take with you? Whether you are about to embark on an undergraduate degree or a masters […]

4 Ways to Avoid Rescheduling Your Chosen Removals Company

You might have already made an appointment with your chosen moving-the-kid-to-college company, but decided to cancel it since you are not ready. After rescheduling it, you might ask them to come back again another time as you are still not yet prepared. This becomes a cycle. Therefore, you have to find a way to avoid […]

Best Office Furniture Essentials for Students

Choosing the right furniture is important for a student’s career. To maximize academic performance, it is important that you choose the right office furniture for the study environment, whether its for college or university, from the outset. Purchasing the right kind of student office furniture can have a beneficial effect on both a student’s productivity […]

Off to College? Must-Have Items For Any Dorm Room

College is an exciting time for any student, but life can be awkward if you don’t have everything you need in your dorm room. Use this checklist of items to find out what you need to bring to college, including items that will make your life easier, as well as some that will impress your […]

7 Hacks for Trouble-free Dorm Cleaning

With the busy college lifestyle, it’s understandable why most dorm rooms are a complete chaos. Between attending classes, meeting friends, going to parties and studying for exams, finding time to clean up your room can be a struggle. There are many reasons why living in messy room is not ok. First, it is unhealthy and […]