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image consulting

Students with Good Communication Skills – the Right Fit for Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Careers

Image consulting and soft skills training are two of the most rewarding career options in the 21st century. So much so, that professionals are changing careers to enter the image management industry. These professions have many benefits such as work-life balance, chance to be your own boss, financial stability, etc. But they are the most […]

teaching english during summer

Teaching English During the Summer: A Guide

Do you want to do something meaningful with your summer that could earn you a decent wage and offer you a great new life experience? Whether or not you’re interested in teaching English in the long term, a summer job imparting your native wisdom will look good on your CV as well as offering you […]

good researcher

4 Effective Habits of a Good Researcher

In theory, a research project is pretty straightforward: create a topic, collect information, and organize your findings into a coherent structure. However, both students and professionals alike know that every new project comes with a unique set of complications and challenges. How do you tackle research projects like a pro? Whether you’re enrolled in summer […]

recession proof skills

5 Recession-Proof Skills You Can Learn From Home

There are plenty of financial analysts and strategists who admit that the world is well on its way to a depression. Though this news might be really scary, it’s not necessarily guaranteed. However, if this isn’t true, it’s still possible to experience a recession in the economy. Whether the world experiences a recession or a […]

health insurance options

Young and Uninsured? Here Are Some Options

Health insurance is a tricky subject, no matter your age. However, it can be particularly stressful for young people. Until the age of 26, most young adults qualify as dependents on their parent’s health insurance plans. However, on the day of their 26th birthday, they’re automatically dropped and left to find insurance for themselves—something many […]