College Journal

Six Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence in College

There’s been a lot of talk about this so called emotional intelligence  recently. So what exactly is it and why is it important?  Essentially, EI is how we perceive and understand what is going on around us emotionally and then choose how to feel, think, and act accordingly. It is the ability to recognize our […]

Hope And Healing 101: How To Recover From Drug Addiction

Once you realize that drug addiction is taxing on your mind and body, it’s time to begin thinking about what steps need to be implemented for the purpose of overcoming the substance abuse issue. If you’re ready to recover from drug addiction so you can lead the life of freedom and fulfillment you deserve, implement […]

Maintaining Your Apartment While On School Breaks

Whether you’re heading off to Daytona Beach for spring break, or back home for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to take some basic precautions to maintain and protect your campus apartment while you’re away. Everything from cleaning your apartment before setting off – rather than having to deal with it when you get back – to asking […]

5 Things to Avoid Your Freshman Year of College

To paraphrase a line from Charles Dickens, freshman year in college can be both the best and worst of times. Luckily, millions of people have been there before you and made all the mistakes first. The trick is to see if you can benefit from another’s experience or prefer to learn everything the hard way. […]

How Do I College? A How-To Guide for Incoming Freshmen

One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that an individual can have is going to college and attaining a degree. However, it’s important to know that entering college for the first time can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Below you’ll find a few strategies you can implement to make your transition into college more […]

Creative Ideas for Living Rich Off Campus

For college students who live off campus, expenses can easily become overwhelming. From monthly rent to everyday food and drinks, it’s easy to see why some choose the controlled environment that campus living offers. However, living away from school grounds isn’t necessarily impossible, even for those with the tightest budgets. For those who get creative, […]

Returning to College after Taking Time Off

Whether it’s the lucky ones who’ve done the gap year the millennial way by traveling around the world …, … or you’ve simply had to take a break to work for your tuition, life rarely offers a linear path to most of us, and college students of any age are no exception. There are those […]

How to Stay Safe When You Go to College

Are you starting college soon or have you recently started a college course? This should be the most exciting and enjoyable time of your life. However, things do go wrong for some students and you need to reduce the likelihood of anything bad happening while you’re a student. Below are some tips that will help […]

How to Get Noticed: 4 Ways You can Spruce Up Your Resume

In today’s competitive job market you can’t afford to skimp on any part of the preparation process. Resume building is a big step in the process and could make or break your ability to get an interview. Your resume is an employer’s first glimpse of you and your work experience so you want to make […]