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college tenant

Tips to Reduce Your Risk Factor as a New Tenant

Renting a home or apartment has its share of pros and cons compared to owning. The foremost being more financially feasible, particularly for younger people with less of a credit history. The cons mainly come from being beholden to a landlord. While most landlords are reasonable people, they can be discouraged from renting to you […]

college major

Best Majors for a Modern Job Market

Choosing a college major can be a difficult decision. How do you know if you are making the best choice for the future? Will your degree help you find a job after you graduate? Is what the market needs now, the same that will be needed in four years? When choosing which degree to pursue, […]

study abroad

How to Get Ready to Study in the UK

Going to study abroad is daunting – it’s a huge challenge, and the fact that you’ve decide to do it shows your strength of character. Although it’s a brave thing for you to do, the chances are that you won’t regret it. However, you will get nervous, homesick and confused at times, but this will […]

dorm room perfection

Dorm Room Perfection

When students move away from home and into their first adult living space, they are generally so happy to have a new measure of freedom that design is the last thing on their minds. While this is understandable, it is not optimal. When you have a space of your own that is designed properly it […]

college snowflakes

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How Universities Capitulate to Snowflakes

Much has been made of "political correctness gone mad" on universities campuses, with far-left students—often pejoratively called "(special) snowflakes"—making increasingly extreme demands of school faculty based on some form of identity politics, often backed up by violent protests. Usually, the university winds up caving into these demands, if after a period of attempted negotiation. In […]


Overcoming Addiction From Seeking Individual Treatment

Even though substance addiction can begin to erode life and bring things crashing down, men are less likely to seek professional help than women. The reasons can be very individual, but there are some traits that are specific to gender and exploring these can shed light on ways to increase the success of treatment for […]