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career planning tips

Career Planning Tips for Choosing Your Major

There are those fortunate among us who seem to have everything mapped out perfectly. Our peers who apparently have all their ducks in a row; they’ve planned the path to their major, and not only know exactly what their ambitions are, but also how to get there. What many students don’t realize is that those […]

mobile app development

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch For in 2020

Trying to successfully manage your finances while attending college can often be quite difficult. Smartphones are developing pretty fast, and the next big technology thing is almost always related to mobile phone development. In parallel with improving phone features and capabilities, the race among companies continues with new mobile app development trends. The last decade […]

afford college expenses

How to Afford Sudden Expenses While You are a Starving Student

Trying to successfully manage your finances while attending college can often be quite difficult. This is because many students are focusing on their academics and trying to succeed in their classes, which can make it difficult for them to also work in order to make a living for themselves. Unless they have financial assistance from […]

active learning activities

Active Learning Activities for College Students – Know Before You Go

Optimistic revealed that active learning is something that brings excitement and energy and keeps away the boredom. Now, the typical atmospheres of a classroom in which professors take lecture and students take note is not proving effective. Nowadays, you can find that classrooms are concentrating on different strategies to become in active learning as part […]

study abroad in Sydney

Australia: Top 5 Reasons to Study in Sydney

While Sydney is often associated with tourism and an amazing Oceanside, the truth is that it’s also home to the University of renown. The University of New South Wales is always listed amongst the top Australian universities, however, it is but a tip of the iceberg of all that Sydney has to offer education-wise. The […]

student tax exemption

Do I Pay Taxes as a Student? The Low Down on Student Tax Exemption

I’m in college, am I tax exempt? As a college student, you may be wondering if a student tax exemption exists while you’re still in school. College is expensive enough without having to worry about income, tuition, and paying for taxes. When you’re in college, you should know that you’re not automatically exempt from filing, […]

Is Your Software Ready for College?

These days, when you are getting ready to go to college, it’s all about technology. Long gone are the days of taking only a pen and a pad of paper to class. Now, everyone is bringing their laptops, tablets, and cell phones while looking for the best way to retain the onslaught of knowledge so […]

keep tidy at college

How to Keep Tidy as a Busy University Student

When you are attending college, you may not have much time, but you must still have a tidy apartment or residence hall room. Here are some of the ways to keep your place clean and functional despite having a busy schedule.   Get Rid of Clutter Avoid having a lot of clutter in your residence […]