Other Special Assistance

other assistant programs

Other Special Assistance

  • Veterans Benefits
    aid is available for veterans, reservists, National Guard persons, widows, and orphans.
  • Americorps
    allows people of all ages and backgrounds to earn loan rebates in exchange for service.
  • U.S. Public Health Service
    variety of loans, scholarships, and other programs available for students in the health professions.
  • Job Training Partnership Act
    Department of Labor program of tuition and free assistance for job training for the economically disadvantaged, dislocated workers, and others facing employment barriers.
  • Loan Forgiveness
    volunteer for public service after college and have some of your student loan debt forgiven:

    programs: americorps | peace corps | VISTA
Use this tally sheet to keep tabs on your financial aid needs.

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Make It Happen!


By building the discipline in four distinct character traits.

1) physical
2) educational
3) social
4) spiritual

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Making the Move!

college textbooks

What do you need when you move to college?

1) bed sheets
2) toothbrush
3) cooling fan
4) medicine box
5) hand vac
6) plus so much more

Grab our college moving checklist to help you pack for the big move

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Save on Textbooks

college textbooks

The cost of college textbooks can run as high as $800-$1,000 or more per semester. So shop around for:

1) new textbooks
2) used textbooks
3) rental textbooks

Shop and compare best deals from multiple online merchants.

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Job Center

job center

So what kind of jobs are availabe in your study at college?

Let's take a look to see if opportunities in your field are available and what skills sets you need:

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Achieving Success

achieve success

Achieving success in life requires 3 key ingredients:

1) planning
2) discipline
3) execution

Open our success module for FREE guides on these key success points.

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Helpful Tools


How can we help with college planning?

1) planning forms
2) manage money tips
3) job search
4) financial guides
5) calculators
6) plus so much more

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