Quick "Get Ready" Monthly Checklist

july-august tasks for HS seniors

Use this checklist to review those tasks that should be completed by the start of June:

  • Confirm housing and dining options at your school.
  • Plan to attend any orientation programs at your school
  • Find a summer job to help pay your way:
    link to our student jobs directory
  • Have you found transportation while attending school:
    see transportation in our college move
  • You will be starting your own home when you go away to school. Think about what you might need for the bedroom, kitchen, study area, closet, etc.:
    FREE moving-to-college checklist
  • Keep tabs on upcoming registration deadlines and fees.
  • Make sure your high school transcripts have been sent to your college.
  • Promptly complete any financial aid information sent to you by your college.
    review the financial aid process

Finding Additional Aid

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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You need to add up your financial aid position to analyze whether you have enough funds to pay for a full academic year:

Add Up Your Costs
Enter $$$ You Now Have
Stafford Loans
PLUS Loans
Work Wages
Other Gift Aid
Personal Savings
Total Cost
Total Aid
Extra Funds Needed

When You Need Extra Funds

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If you need extra aid to close the gap between the cost of education and the amount of financial aid awarded, get a private student loan to make up the difference.

You can use the loan to pay for tuition, housing, transportation, books, computer, living expenses and more.

You can borrow up to the full cost of education minus any financial aid received as certified by your school.

Link to our private student loan module for complete information

or dial: 1-866-813-7760 for assistance

Be Sure to Budget Your Expenses

Use our FREE budgeting worksheet to help you budget and manage your monthly expenses and financial aid:

jump over to our college budgeting tool

Get Ready for School

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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School Registration

Your college should notify you on important registration dates and requirements for first-time students. In you haven't received anything, or need clarification on some items, check with your college admissions office.

Class Registration

Many colleges have online or mail-in class registration. Check your class requirements.

Some colleges may allow credit for online courses sponsored by other colleges. This will give you the flexibility to arrange your schedule. Again, check with your admission's office.

view directory of online programs

Packing Up

Get ready. You need to "make-your-home" away from home. That means packing and gathering a few things. Download our FREE "Off-to-College" Checklist of moving items you should consider taking to school:

click to download moving checklist

Getting There

You need to arrange your move to college. Will you be driving, taking the train or bus, or flying? Need to make those important travel arrangements.

Managing Your Money

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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There will be a lot of money that will be changing hands over the next year. The question is how best to manage your money.

  1. Setup a checking account with your family bank.
    Many banks offer FREE student checking accounts. Use your checking account for ATM access and check writing such as paying tuition and monthly rent.
  2. Use your credit card for everything else.
    Whenever possible, use your credit card to pay for everything else. Many merchants will not accept student checks, so your credit card will be necessary (avoid carrying cash).
  3. Setup a College Budget:
    Make sure you budget your college expenses. You want to avoid having to borrow more money to finish the year.

    download FREE our college budgeting worksheet
    view our discussion on budgeting

Credit Card Use 101

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As a graduating high school student,

you will be targeted by credit card companies on the "EASE" of using and having your own credit card.

Think about it! Your own personal card to buy pizza, clothes, gas, music — you name it — without having to pawn money from your parents.


But there is a hitch.

The credit card charges will come due in about 25 days. And if you are like most students, you won't have have enough money to pay your credit card off.


No problem!, say the credit card companies.

Simply pay the minimum payment (which will be very low) and continue using your card as you like.


That is where the credit card companies entrap you,

they want to keep you paying that low minimum payment from month-to-month.

By paying just the minimum payment each month, it will take you about 23 years to pay off your by credit card balance.


What Type of Credit Card for School:

Building Credit

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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Before making a decision about credit cards, student loans, and other credit financing, take a brief moment to view our affiliated center on credit card and debt management:

(links go to our affiliated site at SayEducate.com)

Credit Management
summary review of credit management and how to start and develop your own credit skills. Topics include:

  • introduction: about credit
  • types of credit
  • about your credit report
  • applying for credit
  • establishing credit
  • maintaining good credit
  • repairing your credit

Debt Management
learn tactics to manage and avoid debt. Topics include:

  • about debt management
  • how much debt
  • solving your debt problems
  • managing credit card debt

Budget Management
develop important budgeting skills while in school. Topics include:

  • why budget
  • what's in the budget
  • developing a spending plan
  • tips: Lowing Your Bills

link to: SayEducate money management

More Job Related Sites

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Summer work programs:

Internship Programs:

  • internships in your field of interest is a great way to get experience that will help you college

Shopping School Supplies

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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Find a Computer

Most schools require the use of a computer. How about getting your own: Visit our center for a complete reference line of computers and computer peripherals and software.

Everything you need to get your computing needs going:

view computer selection directory

School . . . Transportation . . . Computers . . . Supplies

Make sure you and your parents review all possible options View this summary chart of financial aid options:

for undergraduate students (first-time students)
for parents of undergraduate students
search online schools and programs
search vocational and career schools

Find College Text Books and Supplies

Every College requires books. Buy or rent them online. Use our textbook find to compare best online prices:

textbook finder

Stuff For the Dorm

Besides books, you may need some study/personal items. See our "Dorm Section " for dorm and other personal items:

click here for dorm items

Work a Summer Job to Earn College Money

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Use the summer to raise money you will need for college. Money earned can be used for tuition, housing, transportation and for fun entertainment.

If you worked last summer with a job you liked, go back and see if you can work with them again this coming summer. Or try to find a different summer job that fits your career goals:

view job center for work opportunities

Summer work programs:

Internship Programs:

  • internships in your field of interest is a great way to get experience that will help you college

Achieving Success

july-august tasks for HS seniors

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Time to get serious and set some personal achievement goals. Try this helpful plan:

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Make It Happen!


By building the discipline in four distinct character traits.

1) physical
2) educational
3) social
4) spiritual

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Making the Move!

college textbooks

What do you need when you move to college?

1) bed sheets
2) toothbrush
3) cooling fan
4) medicine box
5) hand vac
6) plus so much more

Grab our college moving checklist to help you pack for the big move

FREE: Moving Checklist

Save on Textbooks

college textbooks

The cost of college textbooks can run as high as $800-$1,000 or more per semester. So shop around for:

1) new textbooks
2) used textbooks
3) rental textbooks

Shop and compare best deals from multiple online merchants.

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Job Center

job center

So what kind of jobs are availabe in your study at college?

Let's take a look to see if opportunities in your field are available and what skills sets you need:

Link to Job Center

Achieving Success

achieve success

Achieving success in life requires 3 key ingredients:

1) planning
2) discipline
3) execution

Open our success module for FREE guides on these key success points.

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Helpful Tools


How can we help with college planning?

1) planning forms
2) manage money tips
3) job search
4) financial guides
5) calculators
6) plus so much more

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