Quick "November" Monthly Checklist

november task for HS seniors

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Use this checklist to review those tasks that should be completed by the start of November:

  • If you are choosing early admission for your college of choice, the completed application must be submitted by November (Nov 01 for most college - check your college for early submission deadlines).
  • Starting Your College Planning Late?
    You have missed early college submission deadlines. You need to get going to meet regular submission deadlines in January. Review our late-starter file to get going: see late starter file
  • Finalize your list of college searches and review it with your HS counselor: see college search directory
  • Check your dates if you are taking any college entrance exams. Make sure test scores are being sent to your select colleges:
  • Start your search for FREE scholarships and grants:
    over $24.3 billion
    worth of scholarships and grants in one location
  • Obtain the required items to complete your college application:transcripts, essays, letters of recommendations: see the October plan
  • Check with your colleges to make sure they have all of the information. Early admission notices will start to arrive next month.
  • Request financial aid information from your colleges. Contact your college's financial aid and admissions departments

Understand the Cost of College

november task for HS seniors

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Don't let cost disqualify one school from another. Your "preferred" school may offer programs that can help you pay the cost.

But cost is an important criteria. You don't want to become so saddle with debt when you finish school. A less expensive school may offer the same program and benefits as the more expensive school. So do your research.

Private schools are generally more expensive than public schools. However, they also offer more aid programs that can bring the total cost down to par with other schools — especially if you have the profile they are looking for.

Your cost of attendance will include tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal expenses.

Summary of Costs

(download this spreadsheet to analyze cost)
  1. School Tuition and Fees:
    cost to attend class instruction and the use of facilities, labs, libraries and all other related services for each enrolled student
  2. Books and Supplies:
    the estimated amount for books and supplies the student will be required to purchase for classroom instruction — this item may include a computer and other electronic/telecommunication devices
  3. Computer and Other Electronics:
    not necessarily required since colleges offer computer labs and other shared facilities. However, given the electronic push made by colleges, it will be the student's advantage to have their own personal computer along with a printer and other necessary electronics
  4. Room and Board:
    the estimated cost for housing and food if you live in a residence hall; if you live off campus, food expenses are not estimated
  5. Transportation:
    the estimated cost for 2-3 round trips from your home to school; if you live with your parents, the estimated commuting costs will be calculated
  6. Personal Living Expenses:
    the estimated cost for clothing, grooming supplies, laundry and limited entertainment
  7. Other Personal Costs:
    personal expenses that are specific to the student such as disability expenses, dependent care, loan fees, etc.
  8. Miscellaneous:
    any other expenses that you can identify with your school's Financial Aid Office

Total Estimated Costs
(these costs are based on pricing trends that can vary by institution)

Annual Cost
Annual Cost
Annual Cost
Tuition & Fees $10,230 $26,290 $10,230
Room & Board $11,140 $11,140 $0
Books -Supplies $1,240 $1,240 $1,240
Transportation $1,160 $1,160 $1,160
Other Expenses $2,120 $2,120 $2,120
Total Annual Cost $25,890 $41,960 $14,750
Annual Cost
On-Campus Resident
Annual Cost
Tuition & Fees $35,830 $35,830
Room & Board $12,680 $0
Books -Supplies $1,240 $1,240
Transportation $1,060 $1,060
Other Expenses $1,700 $1,700
Total Annual Cost $52,510 $39,830
Annual Cost
Tuition & Fees $3,660
Room & Board $8,660
Books-Supplies $1,440
Transportation $1,800
Other Expenses $2,370
Total Annual Cost $17,630

2018-19 College Board Trends in Higher Education

Estimate Your College Costs

november task for HS seniors

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College cost profiling for your intended institution. Compare college costs side-by-side:

  • Simply input your colleges of choice and collegeboard will profile the costs of each school:
  • Compare colleges by region and cost:

Use the calculator below to get a rough estimate. The calculation will provide you a fairly good idea on what to expect as you finalize your decision `where to attend college.

We also have some great tools to use - these spreadsheets require MS Excel or something similar

  1. download college cost comparison spreadsheet
    this spreadsheet allows you to compare cost and aid awarded among colleges
  2. download budgeting worksheet:
    use this spreadsheet to plan and budget your monthly expenses

Cost of Attendance Other Expenses
Tuition and Fees Transportation
Class Fees Personal Needs
Books /Supplies Entertainment
Room and Board Computer
  Special Events
Cost of Attendance:
Other Anticipated Costs:
Total Estimated Cost:

Financial Aid Review

november task for HS seniors

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Let's talk money for college —
jump over to our College Financial Aid Guide

understand the financial aid process
submitting the FAFSA form for federal aid
review the student aid report
get the financial award letter

Something Extra

The Holidays are Coming Up!

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Making the Move!

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What do you need when you move to college?

1) bed sheets
2) toothbrush
3) cooling fan
4) medicine box
5) hand vac
6) plus so much more

Grab our college moving checklist to help you pack for the big move

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Save on Textbooks

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The cost of college textbooks can run as high as $800-$1,000 or more per semester. So shop around for:

1) new textbooks
2) used textbooks
3) rental textbooks

Shop and compare best deals from multiple online merchants.

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Job Center

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So what kind of jobs are availabe in your study at college?

Let's take a look to see if opportunities in your field are available and what skills sets you need:

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Achieving Success

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Achieving success in life requires 3 key ingredients:

1) planning
2) discipline
3) execution

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Helpful Tools


How can we help with college planning?

1) planning forms
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