7 Reasons Not to Join a Sorority

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  • For some, sorority life may seemlike a good idea. On the flip side, I feel that the cons always outweigh the pros when it comes to Greek life. Many girls decide to give sorority life a go in their freshman year, only to realize later that “it’s not their thing” at all.  And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are probably just one of the many (like me) who think sororities are as pathetic as a movie full of dumb blonde murderous sorority girls (yeah, we all know what happens at the end of that movie).

    Here are 7 reasons why NOT to join a sorority – and not be ashamed of it at all.

    1. Too Time- Consuming: While you may think it’s quite noble to be dedicated to a “charitable” cause, once you’ve spent quite a lot of time making colorful posters and counting dollars, you’ll be wondering whatever happened to the much needed social life and academics. Volunteer work, parties, meetings, and restricted-to-the-sisters socialization will start taking over you – and your life.
    2. Gender In-Equality: I don’t know how you feel about being surrounded by a bunch of girls all the time—and I mean ALL the time—but I can tell you that I don’t feel great about it. Girls can be difficult to live with it (which is sad because I’m a girl too). However, imagine dealing with peaked emotions, PMS, jealousy, competitiveness, gossip, and just a lot of X chromosome all the time. They say a woman can barely live with a room full of other women, and in a sorority, you might learn why.
    3. Parties—Not Cool: Sometimes, the parties go as far as joining the frat boys. The frat boys can be welcoming at first — until they start making you feel more and more uncomfortable with their probing eyes and oh-so-inappropriate looks. Next thing you know, the once-charming Sean Parker has turned into a drug junkie, indecent looser.
    4. The Hidden Costs: Sorority clubs can be sneaky when they ask for money. The costs listed on their webpage may not be the only costs required to go Greek. Fundraising, dues, gift-giving, getting academic help from assignment writing services and other expenses such as having a new outfit every week for the pledge night are clearly not included on their WebPages. For those of you who have no money to waste, going Greek might not even be an option.
    5. Hazing: Someone may tell you otherwise and try to keep it a secret, but hazing is still a common practice in sororities. This isn’t true for all sororities, of course. But some sororities still practice hazing and include it in the pledge process.
    6. They really aren’t your sisters: It’s easy to say that someone is your sister or your friend because they may support the same cause you do. But do you really think that’s what sisterhood is about? I beg to differ! Real blood sisters are clearly different.  They don’t judge, they don’t haze, and they don’t brainwash. Sorry to say, buts sorority sisters do all of those.
    7. Then there is the Stereotype: Sorority girls are viewed as shallow and arrogant. Whether or not this is true, you are pretty much stuck with that label on your forehead wherever you go. Then there’s the other scenario where all the stereotypes are true, and you’re just not the “sorority type” at all.

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