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How to Create a Positive Study Environment in the Classroom

You don’t have to be a teacher long to realize that a room full of desks does not always translate into a great study environment. Creating a classroom in which students can engage intellectually is not rocket science, but does require a bit of forethought. If you’re having trouble getting students into a studying groove, […]

Your Child’s Graduation – Now What?

Graduation is a huge day in the life of your child because it means they have completed 13 years of education successfully. After years of study, revision, exams and university fees, your son or daughter is finally coming home with a degree. As a parent, you should be equally as happy, and as your child, […]

5 Ways Student Get Affected in a New School Environment

Students are totally transformed once they go in and pass out of an institute. The results of these transformations can be improved by careful policy-making. Education isn’t the only thing which students get from schools these days. There’s more to it. Nowadays, schools impart a new perspective of life in students, schools teach students a […]

5 Ways Authoritative Parental Style affects Students’ Academics

Parenting styles define the personality of children. It has strong influence on child’s overall development. Authoritative parenting style is considered as the worst parenting style. It negatively affects child’s personality. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways authoritative parenting style affects student’s academics. Fear of Failure This is the worst impact of […]

Effective Teaching: Top Tips That Work

Turning a simple classroom into an effective learning environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers across the country. There are several techniques and methods used to make the whole classroom experience more enjoyable and effective at the same time, but these top tips will help you transform your own classroom without fail. […]

$500 Billion in School Funding Is Not Enough

Despite billions in funding, teachers and parents spend thousands yearly on school supplies. America’s 98,500 public schools receive $500 billion through federal, state and local funding. Still, most of the nation’s 3.5 million teachers spend their own mony on classroom supplies – a total of $1.6 billion. Parents also spend an average of $600-$1200 per […]

Inside Your Child’s Growing Brain

We never truly see our kids as being anything else, but by the time they’re getting ready to head to college, there’s at least an intellectual awareness that they’re becoming adults… Or are they? Despite everything teens have accomplished by the time they’ve finished High School, their brains aren’t done growing – and they won’t […]

Classroom Organization Tips for Teachers

If the dust has just settled on the close of the current school year, your mind is probably focused on summer vacation. However, it’s not too early to think about organizing your classroom for the upcoming school year. From desk placement and school supplies to furniture and equipment, the following tips will help you prepare […]

5 Killer Mistakes that will Destroy Your Resume

Are you interested in getting a better job with a better salary and better perks? If yes, then it’s your resume that will determine whether you should advance in your career or not. You only have one chance to capture your recruiter’s attention, and if you miss that chance, then you will never get an […]