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asbestos liability

Asbestos Liability: Everything You Need To Know

Unfortunately, asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma are rising daily, yet all asbestos-related injuries are preventable. The root of most asbestos exposure is getting into contact with toxic fibers while working or handling products with asbestos contamination. Asbestos fibers can be breathed in or get stuck on clothing, which are common ways that someone can gain […]

benefits of doing community service

7 Benefits of Doing Community Service in College

There are many benefits to volunteering while you’re in college. It looks excellent on your resume, for one. But beyond that, it’s also good for the soul. Do you think you won’t have any time for community service during college? Even if you’re a double major, think again. You may change your tune after getting […]

wearing your graduation gown

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Your Graduation Gown

Your graduation is an important day, and your institution may be more critical of your appearance than you may think. It is for this reason why you should make special considerations about your gown and ensure that it’s suitable to wear when you receive your diploma. Deviating from the requests and expectations of your high […]

king james bible

The Most Popular Phrases from the King James Bible

In the early 15th century, against all odds, a committee wrote a great work of literature. King James I of England, Scotland, and Ireland convened a council of Biblical scholars and translators to issue a new version of the Bible for the Church of England, which had recently split from the Roman Catholic Church. Though […]

How COVID-19 Affects College Academics Across the Globe

Like the economies and lives of millions of people around the world, the coronavirus crisis is dramatically changing higher education Academics. Colleges have closed, classes have been suspended, or are taught online. Academic conferences have also been canceled. Students who were participating in programs abroad will not be able to be evaluated and some of […]

kids love science

Do Your Kids Love Science? If Not, Try These 3 Things.

As toddlers, kids explore, question and probe. From the ages of two to five little ones are basically miniature scientists simply trying to figure out the world. They touch everything. Their brains examine objects, figuring out how they operate. Somewhere along the way, this stops (or at least slows) for many youth. Kids simply get […]

benefits of private school education

3 Benefits of Private School Education

Most parents want to set their children up for success in life. While parents are work, students attend school and are guided by their teachers. Some concerned parents may not feel that public school provides the best learning experience for their child. The relative lack of discipline and exposure to overcrowded classrooms cause great discomfort […]