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ways to make money during college

Ways to Make Money During College

It’s no secret that college can be extremely expensive. Tuition and housing are costly enough. But, as a college student, you’ll also want some spending money. It’s never a bad time to start thinking about saving for the future and starting to pay off loans, either. Or, maybe you’re ready to start your future even […]

how does filing for bankruptcy after financial aid

How Does Filing for Bankruptcy After Financial Aid?

Bankruptcy may be the best choice if you are struggling financially. However, if you want to apply for financial aid, then bankruptcy can make things more complicated. The following is a list of ways that bankruptcy can affect your financial aid. Financial Aid From School Bankruptcy will not affect the scholarships and loans that you […]

ways to hack your student loans

5 Ways To Hack Your Student Loans

Intro To Student Loans As the cost of college continues to rise, student loans are becoming more and more of the norm. Loans are sums of money borrowed from a lender that must be repaid, almost always with interest. Student loans can be made by several lenders. Some students opt to take loans from the […]

scholarship tips

7 Scholarship Tips That Will Make Your Application Stand Out

Are you applying for college scholarships? Finding the perfect scholarship for your college education can seem nearly impossible. To find a scholarship you qualify for, you have to search online, take a trip to your local library, ask your academic counselor, and more. However, when you find your ideal scholarship, the hard part has just […]

financially prepare for college

How To Financially Prepare for College

With tuition, housing, books, and more, there’s no denying it—college is expensive, and you’ll have to find a way to pay for it. If you’re preparing to transition from high school to a new, exciting college career, these tips on how to financially prepare for college will help you offset the costs. Start Budgeting Before […]

FAFSA tips

5 FAFSA Filing Tips to Maximize Your Financial Aid in College

The cost of college tuition is already expensive, and it’s steadily rising. This financial obstacle keeps thousands of students from being able to continue their education. There are many scholarships and grants available to help students combat the expenses of college. To get most of these scholarships and grants, the first step is to fill […]

paying off student loan debt

6 Tips for Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt

Today, Americans’ collective student loan debt amounts to more than $1.6 trillion – a number that’s spiked 106%. As a college graduate, it can feel stressful to even think about what you owe to lenders. That said, you can manage. You won’t become debt-free overnight, but it’s possible to build a plan that tackles your […]

handle financial emergenies

How College Students Can Handle Financial Emergencies

With the pandemic, remote classes and unemployment currently rampant, it can be hard to feel financially secure. This is especially true if you are a college student who has to focus on saving for tuition and expenses. As a college student on a fixed income, a single emergency could wreak havoc on your finances if […]