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how schools can improve their sports programs

How Schools Can Improve Their Sports Programs

Sports are an integral part of your school’s curriculum, and it is an area that should get neglected. Most schools prioritize academics, forgetting that there are students who can make a living out of sports. How do you improve your sports program? The following article gives you vital tips on how to achieve an efficient […]

quantitative finance strategies

Top 5 Quantitative Finance Strategies That You Should Apply To Your Business

Quantitative finance has become more prevalent across industries. That’s because it enables experts to interpret data sensibly and use multiple techniques to develop meaningful business models and solutions. Professionals who work in this field are sometimes called quants. Businesses hire them to explore vast data sets, as well as to analyze securities and financial markets. […]

what to know before dental school

What To Know Before Dental School

The ups and downs of academic work ultimately bring you to the next step in your career path. High school leads to work or college. A college degree leads to work or further education. The higher your degree, the more skills you have and opportunities you can access. That’s why, as a college student, you […]

tips for traveling abroad

6 Tips for Traveling Abroad as a Broke College Student

When you’re a broke college student, it’s easy to assume that travel is out of the question. Thankfully, creativity is a strength you can cultivate. If you intentionally set aside money for travel, you can plan ahead and still explore the world on a dime. Consider some of the best tips for traveling abroad as […]

how do college classes work

Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm Room

Heading off to live in your dorm room can be both an exciting prospect and a nerve-racking one. Dorm living can differ quite a bit from living with your family or on your own. To start off on the right foot, you’ll want to have a successful move-in day. Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to […]

home maintenance tips

Basic Home Maintenance Tips for Your First Off-Campus Home

College is a time for learning new things. Most of this learning takes place in the classroom. However, if you’re living in off-campus housing, there’s another aspect of your education experience that you can learn about: home maintenance. Sure, if you’re renting off-campus, you can always call the landlord. However, that’s often an unpredictable scenario. […]

how to save money on repairs

How To Save Money On Repairs And Handymans When In College

Minor malfunctions are a part of our daily lives. In many situations, we are not in a position to leave all repairs to experts. Sometimes it is useful to learn how to fix some malfunctions or to properly maintain the condition of your apartment or home. Not only will you gain useful knowledge and skills, […]

best types of furniture for a college dorm room

Best Types of Furniture for a College Dorm Room

Trying to figure out what to bring with you to your new dorm room isn’t the hardest thing about going off to college, but it’s certainly one of the more stressful ones. What will I need? What will I have room for? What will the college provide? Well, we can ease some of your worries […]