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career management tips for students

10 Proactive Career Management Tips For Students

The universe of work is presently significantly more liquid than it was. Gone are the times of employments forever where you did your time and left with a protected benefit to see out your days (when I ponder this it sounds more like a jail sentence than a satisfying life). You presently need to assume […]

ways to make money during college

Ways to Make Money During College

It’s no secret that college can be extremely expensive. Tuition and housing are costly enough. But, as a college student, you’ll also want some spending money. It’s never a bad time to start thinking about saving for the future and starting to pay off loans, either. Or, maybe you’re ready to start your future even […]

tips to find antiderivative quickly

Tips to Find Antiderivative Quickly

As the world is progressing, more and more people are moving towards adapting and incorporating technological advancements for their convenience and ease in the daily lives. While technology is paving the way for faster and better learning, we should do all we can to make it a part of our learning processes. In times like […]

tricks for staying healthy in college

3 Tricks For Staying Healthy In College

For many people, college is the first taste of real freedom. All day-to-day decisions that were often made by parents are now up to the child. There is no guardian to stand around and hold them accountable. One of these major choices is eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Without parents telling us to […]

how online education makes testing secure

How Online Education Makes Testing Secure for Remote Learning

Online learning can be a challenge. Making sure that testing is secure is one of the many things that can make online learning difficult since there are many ways to cheat. Fortunately, several things can be done to make online education more secure. Restrict the Testing Window Many on-campus exams have a short amount of […]

What To Know if You Plan To Go to College Out-of-State

What To Know if You Plan To Go to College Out-of-State

Planning for college is equal parts exciting and stressful. However, if you want to go out of your home state for your education, you can turn both of those feelings up to 11 because there is a big difference between staying close to home and going farther away. That’s why we’ve made a list of […]

Why Are There Different Versions of the Ten Commandments?

Why Are There Different Versions of the Ten Commandments?

One of the most important scenes of the Torah and Old Testament is when Moses ascends Mount Sinai and receives the stone tablets that bear the Ten Commandments. These divine laws dictate how God’s people should live and worship. These laws are fundamental to Jewish and Christian theology alike. In America, we have another revered […]

things you need in your dorm

4 Things You Need In Your Dorm That You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Starting college can be overwhelming. Meeting all these new people, taking on more responsibilities, and for many, moving into the dorms. Inevitably, when making the big move from your childhood room to your college dorm, you’re going to have to downsize. College dorms are notorious for having little storage space and unfortunately, you may not […]

how does filing for bankruptcy after financial aid

How Does Filing for Bankruptcy After Financial Aid?

Bankruptcy may be the best choice if you are struggling financially. However, if you want to apply for financial aid, then bankruptcy can make things more complicated. The following is a list of ways that bankruptcy can affect your financial aid. Financial Aid From School Bankruptcy will not affect the scholarships and loans that you […]