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Do College Sports Benefit Your Career?

There’s a lot more to college sports than just being "cool in school". Many former college athletes will tell you that sports taught them discipline, helped them to build character, and resulted in lifelong contacts and friendships. Here are five top benefits for becoming a college athlete. Relationships We don’t mean getting girlfriends, we mean […]

Is Higher Education Really Liberally Biased?

Are college campuses really liberal-leaning? Are conservative students discriminated against or cowed into silence? Or does it depend on which institution students are attending, and in what area? This piece will take a look at the idea of a liberally-biased higher education. The Conservative Minority Obviously, the liberal majority may vary based on region. Texas […]

Information Systems Careers for Today … and Tomorrow

The computer and information systems field, with almost four million workers, is one the largest employment sectors in the United States. Projections into 2020 indicate that there will be a need for 1.5 million or more additional employees to replace current workers and fill gaps created by ongoing technology expansion. In fact, the Bureau of […]

Ghosts of Cell Phones Past

The majority of cellphones from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s were just that: phones. They did not send email and text messages; they did not log onto the Internet; and they did not include GPS.  Instead, users considered themselves lucky if they were able to play Snake. For graduates (and perhaps those graduating), you […]

E-Cigarettes: What Are They?

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a battery operated device that emits doses of nicotine that are inhaled. Instead of smoke, the nicotine is part of a vaporized solution consisting mostly of water, making it potentially less harmful than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are marketed by tobacco companies as alternatives for those who enjoy cigarettes but […]

Are Fixed Gear Bikes all They’re Cracked Up to Be?

A fixed gear bike is a bicycle with only one gear that doesn’t allow the rider to coast. Simply put, as long as the bike is in motion, both the wheels and the pedals are moving. Fixed gear bikes, or “fixies,” have become incredibly popular in recent years among hip, young urbanites, better known and […]

College Socializing 101

College is a unique time in life. While the ostensible purpose of college is to prepare for a career, it is also a time to grow out of your teenage years and enter the realm of adulthood. It is often said that the friendships one makes in college are the most significant in life. The […]

Pop Culture in the Cards

Collecting trading cards of various types is a popular, and often highly profitable, hobby. Some collectible cards are made to commemorate players of a game while other cards are a game unto themselves. There are many different types of trading cards that can be collected. The following is a list of some trading cards that […]

The Professional Importance of Certifications and Further Education

As the old adage goes, “you are never too old to learn.” But what this adage doesn’t tell you is that continual learning can directly translate into higher wages, particularly through certifications. Even after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, specific certifications may increase your appeal and marketability. Types of Certifications No matter your career, chances […]

The Benefits and Advantages to Online Schooling and Classes

Online education is rapidly growing in this country. People are mixing online and traditional courses, earning their degrees entirely online, and taking part in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Here are just a few of the benefits an online education can offer. Many Different Class Formats Available Online classes are offered in as many different […]