5 Essential Tips for Teen Drivers

tips for teen drivers

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  • Getting your license as a teenager is so exciting.

    It’s a true mark of independence, and it gives you a newfound sense of freedom.

    However, as exciting as this event is, it’s important to stay as safe as possible on the roads.

    These five essential tips for teen drivers will keep everyone safe and accident-free.

    Never Text and Drive

    Teenagers are notorious for being on their phones. However, it’s important to remember that no text message is worth your life. Keep your phone tucked away while you’re on the road, and pick it up only after your car is in park. Texting and driving causes thousands of car accidents every year, many of them deadly. Don’t make that mistake.

    Limit Distractions

    It’s so important for teens to stay focused while they’re driving. Limit the number of people you allow in your car—don’t try to cram six friends into the backseat. You may become distracted and cause an accident.

    Be wary of the type of people you let into your car while you’re at the wheel. Don’t drive with friends who are super-loud and who will easily take your attention off the road. Lastly, be sure to keep your music at a lower volume.

    Check Weather Conditions Before You Drive

    Everyone needs to drive safely when weather conditions are adverse, but this is especially true for teenage drivers. Check the weather before you hit the open road so that you’ll know if you need to prepare your car for dangerous weather. If you don’t feel confident enough to drive in harsh conditions, stay home.

    Only Drive Short Distances

    One of the best tips for teen drivers is to only drive short distances. Getting fully used to driving can take a while, so until you’re more comfortable on the road, only drive a few miles at a time. Don’t jam all your friends into the car for a long road trip the minute you get your license. Instead, increase your driving distance each time you get behind the wheel. Start out by driving to and from school, and add more mileage each time you go without an accident.

    Use Direction Apps

    Nothing is worse than driving and not knowing where you’re going. Driving aimlessly can be especially stressful if you’re still learning the basics. You can should utilize direction apps so that you have a clear picture of where you’re going. This is the only time it’s acceptable to use your phone in the car.

    other valuable tips:

    Pull up the app pulled up before you begin driving. Then, place your phone face-down in the center console so that you aren’t tempted to look at it. The app will relay the directions to you verbally, so you won’t have to have your phone in your hand.

    These five essential tips for teen drivers will keep everyone safe on the road. Driving is a privilege you can quickly lose if you endanger yourself or other drivers. In fact, there are often severe penalties for teen drivers who get tickets within the first year of having their licenses. Make sure you keep the independence you gained as a driver by being as careful as possible behind the wheel.

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