How Technology has Shaped College Preparation

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  • As time moves on, the idea of preparing for college has changed drastically. Only a few short years ago, aspiring college students would be crammed in a financial aid office or huddled around the school’s community printer, looking to gather more information on how to effectively dive into the college universe. These struggles of our previous generations have caused an enormous deal of negative light to be casted among the idea of college preparation.

    Thankfully, nearly every aspect of technology has grown exponentially in the recent years, and there was over $1,600,000,000 invested in educational technologies in the first half of 2015 alone. Due to this, options like online schooling and information-packed e-books have become increasingly relevant in today’s world, and these opportunities have opened up a variety of avenues to take before and throughout the college life. Below I wanted to talk about how we can use technological advancements to help prepare for college.

    The Impact of Cell Phones

    Cell phones play a significant role in nearly all of our lives. Applications like Instagram and Snapchat help keep us connected with our friends and families like never before. However, a cell phone is an element in the college preparation world that is often vastly underutilized. A prospective student can use a cell phone to search and apply for college online on-the-go, and there are even a plethora of educational applications that can be used to study before the big first day.

    The Rise of Online Education

    Online education has been available for the greater majority of my life, but it has skyrocketed over the past decade; continuing to grow consistently – even today. With its rise in popularity, many online colleges have been taken seriously in the eyes of employers, and many online colleges are striving to become accredited establishments within the U.S. Department of Education. In this study put together by Phil Regier, the Executive Vice Provost of Arizona State University, he states that nontraditional classroom environments are a worthwhile pursuit for students needing to balance jobs, rent, and other obligations. Meaning online learning has made college much more accessible throughout the world.

    The Availability of Online Tours

    Technology has also shaped many college’s recruitment strategies. College teams understand how competitive the college search is for them, and they are focusing their efforts on creating the best and easiest configuration tactics for all parties involved. Due to this competition, many colleges are now utilizing streaming services, like YouVisit, to offer virtual tours of their campuses – letting potential students understand how their day-to-day lives may pan out when the semester starts. This allows students to see a plethora of unique details when searching for the right college to attend; making the decision much less stressful overall.

    Overall, technology has allowed the college world to break free from the trials that were holding it back, and has caused the practice of college preparation to become much more accessible and fulfilling for both students and schools alike.

    Thank you for reading. Let’s keep this going in the comments below or on Twitter! How has technology changed your college preparation?

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