How to Not Lose Your Mind Working Through College

keep your sanity in college

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  • As a busy and hard-working college student, you’re likely feeling a lot of pressure. It’s challenging going to class, making time for friends, and keeping a job.

    At times, you might barely get to class on time, let alone finish tying your shoelaces. You’re probably doing everything you can to excel in your studies. After all, you want to do well in school so you can graduate and get your degree ASAP.

    As important as it is to perform well in school, it’s still essential to take some time for yourself. Otherwise, you may start to feel frustrated and exhausted.

    Instead of burning yourself out, it’s imperative to find a balance. Here are seven ways to keep your wits about you while still excelling at school. 

    1. Find a Reasonable Work Schedule

    If you’re struggling to balance work and school, it’s likely because you’re working too many hours.

    At first, working more hours in school seemed like a good idea. The more hours you do, the more money you’ll have to pay off student loans, right?

    But if you’ve been working long hours, it’s no wonder you’re feeling exhausted. And if you’re having a hard time, it’s because you’re taking on too many things.

    Combat that by coming up with a more realistic work schedule. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time keeping your sanity.

    No, an extra cup of coffee isn’t going to cut it. A realistic schedule, however, will do wonders!

    2. Go on Some Adventures

    No one ever said you couldn’t have a little bit of fun in school. Take time away to go on a few adventures, even if it’s for a short while.

    If you’d like to bring a friend along, find an adventure buddy. With a friend by your side, you’ll both have twice the amount of fun!

    The world is at your fingertips, but try to stay close to school to cut back on expenses. If you’re on a tight budget, look for fun things to do nearby.

    There are probably a few state parks, or even a national park, in your area. Why not visit one or two of them and soak up some nature? Or, if you’re a history buff, head to a local museum and then grab some sushi afterward!

    There are tons of adventures to enjoy, and you’re going to love your time away from school.

    3. Volunteer

    Some students actually feel guilty when they take time off for themselves. If you’re one of those students, think about donating some of your time to other people.

    Volunteering won’t eat up your entire schedule, and it’s a fantastic way to take a break from school.

    You’ll be able to help your community while boosting your resume at the same time!

    • Find Something You’re Passionate About

      It’s great to put volunteer experiences on your resume, but selecting a cause you are passionate about will make the work enjoyable.

      You may want to support a group that organizes fun activities for veterans. Or maybe you want to help your local animal shelter take dogs out for walks.

      Either way, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re helping someone who needs it.

    • Volunteer Regularly

      Wherever you decide to volunteer, make time in your busy schedule to do it regularly. Depending on your organization’s needs, you may consider volunteering once a week or every other week.

    It’ll be nice helping people out, building new relationships, and making the world a better place.

    4. Take a Class You Like Each Semester

    Not every class you take has to be a mandatory course to help you get your degree. Your aim may be to get the challenging courses out of the way, but doing that can make you bored.

    To keep each semester fresh, sprinkle in a few fun classes.

    You can’t expect every class to be a blast. But if you take one or two classes just because they’re interesting, school will be more enjoyable.

    5. Make Quality Friends

    College friendships will help you keep your head on straight. They can support you through the tough times and be there to make you laugh.

    Don’t be friends with people who are only there to have fun and don’t care if they flunk out of their classes. Surround yourself with positive influences who want to see you succeed.

    At the same time, they should still know how to have fun.

    It’s okay to let loose sometimes with your friends and then return to school ready to hit the books.

    6. Laugh a Little

    As silly as it sounds, sometimes all you need to do is laugh. Of course, as we discussed, you can do that by having some fun with a friend!

    Did you know that laughter is an excellent form of stress relief? Mayo Clinic tells us that it releases tension and triggers your stress response.

    The result is you feeling calmer and more at ease. All of your stress will melt away.

    Laughter is good for the soul, so turn on a funny movie or tell silly jokes. It’ll instantly brighten your mood!

    7. Make Time to Exercise

    Working out is one of the best ways to blow off steam. Even if you don’t feel like exercising, we promise you’ll feel better after doing it.

    • Work Up to Harder Fitness Activities

      Exercising doesn’t have to be hardcore, especially if you’re not a fan of cardio. Although cardio is important, if you’d rather go for a walk, that’s better than nothing.

      Start by walking and then try other things, such as yoga, dancing, or hiking!

    • Get a Routine Going

      Figure out a weekly routine that’ll keep you on track. Once you get in the groove, try to focus on your cardio more.

      That means you shouldn’t be afraid to try something more intense. Kickboxing will do the trick!

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    In Conclusion

    There are many benefits to working a job during college, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

    Keep a good head on your shoulders by giving yourself a break once in a while. You can do this by taking care of yourself and being realistic with your schedule. That way, you’ll pass each class with flying colors and have some extra money in your pocket.

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