How To Save Money On All Your College Supplies

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  • One thing is for certain. College is expensive. However, this isn’t only the case for tuition and room and board. College school supplies can also cost a pretty penny. This is why saving money where you can is important. Below is a short list of different ways you can save money on your college supplies.

    Buy Your Textbooks Used

    Textbooks are one major expense that all students have to deal with. Don’t purchase them new. They tend to be very over-priced so the college can make a good profit on the mark-up. In fact, don’t buy your textbooks from the college book store at all. Even their used books will be over-priced. Instead, visit online book retailers like to make your used textbook purchases.

    Purchase Expensive School Equipment Online

    What you should know is that most brick and mortar retail stores make a profit by charging a mark-up on most items they sell. To get closer to the true wholesale price of those items, you need to shop for them online. This is true for computers, mini refrigerators and even scientific equipment. If you are a science student, for example, there are a number of online retailers where you can find compound light microscopes at a lower price than you would at any brick and mortar store.

    Use What You Already Have

    Chances are you already have some of the supplies you need. Do yourself a favor. Before you stop at the store to do your shopping for school, go over your entire house and see if you can find supplies you can use in place of new materials. For example, you are likely to already have a treasure trove of pens and pencils in your home. You may even find some leftover binders, notebooks and more from high school. Check closets, drawers and anywhere else supplies may be hiding. If your parents have a home office, you may also want to raid it for supplies. They probably won’t mind if it helps you save some money on your schooling.

    Sell Your Used School Supplies

    One way to make your money back on your supplies is to sell them when you no longer need them. Thankfully items like textbooks, computers, scientific equipment, refrigerators and more can all be sold back. Just make sure to shop around to find a fair prince on your items.

    Overall, college is extremely expensive. To save money, you are going to have to be a little crafty. However, with a little extra work, you can find ways to save money on your school supplies.

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