Pledge Week: Fraternities You Definitely Want to Steer Clear Of

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  • Greek organizations have been welcomed at universities for decades. Many schools view their Greek life fraternities and sororities as an important part of their campus culture and many of these organizations are held in such high esteem and respected for their societal connections. As reported by USA Today in 2012, 85 percent of all Fortune 500 executives pledged a fraternity or sorority in college.

    Unfortunately, some individual chapters fail to live up to the standards dictated by their national charters. Before you pledge a Greek house, you should know which unscrupulous fraternities and sororities may best be avoided.

    Pi Kappa Psi at the University of Arizona

    The University of Arizona’s Pi Kappa Psi chapter gained notoriety in 2010 for its numerous and repeated alcohol violations. It received 14 violations for alcohol citations, and dozens of its chapter members and their guests had to be admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Despite its repeated warnings to reform its house’s behavior, the chapter once again was cited for hazing in 2013.

    Phi Kappa Theta at Emory University

    Emory University’s chapter of Phi Kappa Theta earned its reputation as a bad fraternity after pledges reported incidences of extreme hazing. Pledges were denied both food and water during Pledge Week and were forced to fight each other after the fraternity created its own fight club. Many had to sleep on the house’s cold basement floor in just their boxer shorts.

    Alpha Phi at Washburn University

    Stories of sorority sister cattiness are a mainstay in the Greek life culture on many campuses. However, the Alpha Phi house at Topeka, Kansas’ Washburn University took attitudes to a new level when some of its pledges anonymously reported being forced to stand naked in front of a mirror, as well as their fellow sorority sisters, while reciting a litany of their worst physical traits. Incidentally, the chapter itself did not have a stellar reputation at Washburn University, as it was frequently called the “Alpha Fat” sorority, nicknamed for its numerous plus-sized members.

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Arizona University

    Arizona University’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon made national headlines after one if its pledges drowned after a night of heavy drinking. Shortly after the drowning, another one of its heavily intoxicated pledges was dumped, reportedly by fellow fraternity members, at a local hospital with only a Post-It note attached to his body.

    Greek organizations remain an important part of many campuses. Even so, you can avoid trouble by knowing which ones to avoid pledging to. A Los Angeles criminal lawyer says it’s important for university students (regardless of fraternity or sorority), to prevent dangerous situations by not driving drunk. Call a cab after parties or make sure you have a designated driver. With a bit of research and common sense you can stay safe and still have fun whatever college or Greek life you choose.

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