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How to Ensure Success in Your Online Degree

Although taking an online degree definitely comes with a range of benefits and advantages for students, succeeding with an online university degree course often takes a lot of work. Studying online is likely to be significantly different to any kind of classroom learning that you have undertaken in the past, and knowing what to expect […]

Three Reasons You Should Take Online Classes

These days, technological advances have made it possible for people to pursue a degree online. However, many people are unfamiliar with this mode of learning and hesitate to give it a try. Don’t make this mistake. There are several life-enhancing advantages that result from investing in online courses. Here are three of them: 1. It’s […]

Online or Off: What’s the Cheapest Way to Go Back to School?

When people harp on the merits of online programs, they often cite the affordability of an online program over a traditional one. Things like commute times, the ability to maintain a full-time job, and highly flexible schedules are touted as benefits for those who take courses online. Of course, depending on the program you want […]

The Irresistible Draw of Distance Learning

There’s a received wisdom that once you’re done with secondary school, a trip to a bricks and mortar university is the only next logical step. With many workplaces not quite accepting those just out of the education system, the only option seems to be to jump right back into the fray, gaining a degree and […]

3 Bachelor Degree Programs to Take Online

You’ve heard of online degree programs, but you’ve not really explored them in-depth. Sure, a lot of people are doing them, but they just seem "weird" to you. But online degrees are actually the same as traditional degrees. In fact, online degrees offer special benefits that traditional degrees don’t. For example, an online degree allows […]