Test Time: How to Kill Your Pre-Test Jitters

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  • Stress always comes along with being tested, whether you’ve prepared well or not. If you really care about doing well; worrying is inevitable.

    The mechanism of stress exists to help raise motivation and the ability to work harder. In some, however, it tends to get out of hand and to become counterproductive.

    If you feel that your stress levels are gaining the upper hand, you need ways to dial back the tension.

    Put together a couple of stress-relief activities with your friends

    When you actually engage in productive work towards your goal, it’s constructive activities that lowers stress. Setting in motion a debate on ‘exam preparation tips’ or one on ‘going with gut instinct on multiple-choice questions’, can whip up some lively debate in which everyone vents some steam, and shares their best ideas. Everyone comes away having learned something and feeling better for it.

    Use a self-improvement app

    From apps full of brainteasers to art therapy apps such as Mandala coloring pages that help soothe the mind, there is a great deal of choice out there for ways to relax through engagement. A half-hour given over to these activities each day can help.

    Give your mind some wiggle room

    When you are preparing and worrying all day, your mind can just feel boxed in. Meditation can be a highly effective way of forcing the mind to withdraw from suffocating concerns, and to simply breathe free. It can be an excellent stress buster that brings as much mental calm as hours of sleep. If you have the time, actual sleep can be very good, as well.

    Get rid of those distractions

    You can meditate all you want. If you come right back to mind-numbing habits such as constantly checking Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, you’ll soon be back where you were. Even if you can’t make a permanent rule of quitting these habits, they should go as long as you have your exams to prepare for. Your mind will right away feel less stressed when these addictive habits are out of the way.

    Follow a rigid routine

    The mind takes a great deal of comfort in structure. At times when you feel stressed out, planning a sensible routine and sticking to it can help greatly. If your exams are coming up, carefully putting a great study plan together and then working hard to keep to that plan can be an amazing stress buster.

    Help someone

    You don’t have to necessarily study to prepare. You can help coach someone in an area that you’re good at, as well. Not only does person-to-person interaction clear up stress wonderfully, it helps clear concepts up in your mind, as well.

    These may be simple, common sense ideas, but few people think of them. They do work when used correctly. All you need to do is to try them out.

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