The Young Job Seeker’s Paradise: Chandigarh

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  • The amazing city of Chandigarh cannot be considered as an IT Hub or a major industrialized centre comparable to the other major metro cities in the country. But Chandigarh’s ability to employ young aspirants in a variety of sectors is comparable to other big metropolitans in the nations and is growing steadily to make its mark on the current job market.

    The Young Job Seeker’s Paradise: Chandigarh? – Why?

    Chandigarh is well known to people as it has won some revered titles in the past, with it being deemed as the cleanest city, and also the city with the highest per capita earnings. The city has become a major job seeking destination for youth from all parts of the country with varying skill set and goals in the recent times. The city offers a bounty of opportunities to all kinds of job seekers in every other sector of the economy.

    A major chunk of young professionals coming here, get employed under the government of the trio that runs the city. All types of industries are located at this place ranging from small-scale ones to medium and large-scale giants. Most prominent industries in this list, are the sanitary-ware industries, auto-parts manufacturing firms, electrical appliances, food products and pharmaceuticals. 

    According to a study done on the year 2013, the city of Chandigarh witnessed a rise of a promising 19 percent is amount of jobs generated. The major sectors which primarily led to this increase in jobs in Chandigarh are, academics, human resource, banking, event manage, real estate, constructions etc. Another important factor for enabling more and more fresh job seekers to flock to Chandigarh is its promise of excellent lifestyle that the city favors.

    According to a survey report conducted on 2007, Chandigarh was also marked as one of 50 emerging IT hubs of the country. Also due to the relatively high job opportunity in this city, its real estate market has also flourished and prospered quite well within the last few years. Also on the academic side Chandigarh has a plethora of well reputed schools and institutions on offer that has further added to the employment generation.

    The city has also made a humble attempt at achieving a well organized information technology area and to promote excellence in this field by constructing the city’s first IT Park. Another key factor in increasing the job opportunities in the city is its well developed infrastructure, and its close proximity to the other major places, like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Some of the leading MNCs are now branching out extensively in and around Chandigarh, like IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra and Dell etc.

    It was noted back in 2011-12, that this city, despite more than 40 percent adverse conditioning in global economy during the time, showed more than 40 percent increase in turnover. In these past few years the growth in turnover of industries in Chandigarh and Mohali has gone up to INR 1910 crores, 22% in opposition to the 16-17% growth of household IT and BPO industry. This growth was noted to be higher for companies operating in Chandigarh, of about 40 percent in the years 2011-12, with a hike in the turnover of INR 1300 crore, from the preceding year’s INR 926 crore.

    Validating this growth spurge in the IT industry within the city Executive Co-chairman of Infosys Limited, S Gopalakrishnan, recently stated in an IT conclave at Chandigarh, that, “Infosys’ development center at Chandigarh is highest and fastest developing in the whole country,". He also added by saying that, “The city of Chandigarh has the ability to take the IT industry to new growth flight”. The total headcount of employees in Infosys Chandigarh has now grown up to 6000 currently.

    Commenting on the city’s initiative to develop an IT Park, adviser UT administrator KK Sharma said, “To forge a roadmap in order to endorse IT sector in the city, a commission of chief secretaries from Punjab and Haryana and advisor UT Administration is being put up”. This will further jumpstart the steadily growing IT industry within the city.

    Although there has been an international economic gloom, a total of 35 entrepreneurs are reported to have initiated their business in Chandigarh last year, which will further contribute to employment generation and annual turnover of the city. This shows that the global economic downturn has not had any major impact on this city and Mohali. Also recently Chandigarh was awarded by the Reserve Bank of India, as the credit and deposit centre in the nation. Chandigarh is also called as the pensioner’s paradise, as most employees here are government employees, with job security and post-retirement benefits.

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