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importance of continuing professional development

The importance of continuing professional development for educators

Becoming a teacher requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You normally have to get a bachelor’s degree, complete a teacher training program, and finally pass an exam to get your license and start work. However, your professional development doesn’t stop when you become employed. To be a truly fantastic educator, you must continue […]

tips for software developer job interview

7 Tips for a Software Developer Job Interview

For many women, a team meeting may indeed be a stressful experience. Apart from the anxiety of not knowing if you will be employed, there are other problems with this approach both and during the interview, such as what to wear, how to prepared, how much income to ask, and so on. Although there are […]

skills needed for successful mentoring

Skills Needed for Successful Mentoring

The act of mentoring is highly important to the development of future talent. While you can learn a lot from reading books, there is something more that can only be gained through the formation of a mentor/mentee relationship. Whether you are thinking of becoming a mentor or you are running an institution that is seeking […]

first interview mistake you need to avoid

First Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Going to college means a lot of new challenges to deal with. One of the challenges that high school doesn’t always prepare you for is your first professional interview. Depending on your major, you could look into internships and part-time positions very early on in college. Interviewing is a skill just like any other—you need […]

things teachers should keep on hand

5 Things Teachers Should Keep On-Hand

Teachers understand that having the right supplies on hand can make the difference between having a good day and a not so great day. Although there are some basic supplies teachers always have available, there are some unique things that can make life in the classroom even easier. Car Air Fresheners What?! If you’ve never […]

5 Ways to Help Your Deaf Student Succeed

So you just started your new school term as a teacher and realized that one of your students is deaf. This may seem daunting if you have never experienced it teaching a deaf student before. Don’t Panic. Now is the time to do a little research and get started on setting up your classroom for […]

teaching styles

Which of These Teaching Styles Do You Resonate With?

Each year, schools hire around 580,000 new teachers. If you’re about to become a new teacher, you might wonder what type of teacher you want to be to your students. It’s important to have your teaching strategy in place before starting a new school year so your students know exactly what to expect from you […]

summer internships

4 Step Prep Guide Before Your Summer Internship

When you’re in college, there are so many ways you can prepare for the job market. This is why it’s so important to take advantage of every opportunity. This includes the summer internship programs that are offered by many companies. Once you’ve landed a summer internship, consider the following four steps to prepare yourself ahead […]