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handle being deployed

How to Handle Being Deployed While Still Getting an Education

Did you know that United States military is better educated than the average American? More than 80 percent of military officers hold at least a bachelor’s degree, while just under 30 percent of the general population can say the same. With benefits like better pay and higher rank, it’s no surprise that so many men […]

fun activities for computer science majors

5 Fun Activities for Computer Science Majors

What field you choose to major in college may indicate, oftentimes with astonishing precision, what hobbies and activities you’d probably have fun doing. Knowing what activities would best complement your field of study can help reinforce what you learn in the classroom without the stress and pressure that often comes with studying. For computer science […]

enhance your education

Great Ways to Enhance Your Education and Get Ahead

It’s said that education is the key to life. And for sure, education can lead to tremendous economic and social opportunities. You also become better at communicating, thinking, and even the way you conduct yourself. Who wouldn’t want to have all that? So, how can you amplify your education and get ahead of your peers? […]

learning new languages in college

Top 3 Benefits of Learning New Languages in College

The advantages of learning a new language are many, ranging from bettering your career prospects to the ability to communicate with people from other cultures. Languages consist of an extremely complex system of structures, rules, and verbal terms. Whether it’s studying Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Arabic, learning new languages means that your brain must cope […]

bullet journaling

How Bullet Journaling Will Make You More Organized

College comes with responsibilities, schedules, and mandates that can’t be compromised. You are constantly given information and deadlines that you have to stick to. Failing to adhere to the information and instructions can lead to one failing a course or a school year. It’s important to follow all the mandates that are required to ensure […]

solving algebra word problems

4 Secrets for Solving Algebra Word Problems

Algebra! Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve gotta learn it in order for you to pass your class. Not many students truly love the algebra word problems that they come across, but that doesn’t mean these word problems have to be hard to learn. In this article, we’re going to talk through a […]

improve your handwriting

How To Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting is very trendy right now. Instagram is full of handwriting accounts and even runs a Rock Your Handwriting challenge to help you learn how to improve your handwriting. If your class notes, scrawled poems, and analog day planner are useless because of your illegible letters, here are some pointers to help you write something […]

effective studying techniques

The Most Effective Studying Techniques for College Students

Many college students have issues with staying concentrated for the long exam periods and are struggling to find an efficient way to prepare for their exams. The whole process can be very tiring and sometimes you feel like you are not even properly taking in everything that you’re reading. Don’t worry though. These 9 effective, […]

graduating from liberal arts college

What Are the Top Benefits of Graduating From a Liberal Arts College?

Many education professionals tout the benefits of a liberal arts education and liberal arts colleges. However, many people don’t actually know why these professionals believe that this type of education is beneficial. That being the case, this article examines some of the most common reasons why graduating from a liberal arts college helps graduates so […]