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build public speaking skills

How to Build Your Public Speaking Skills While in College

The ability to speak in public is a skill like any other to focus on in college. However, failing in public is a lot more distressing than failing in private. Fortunately there are innumerable ways to build your confidence in public talks or presentations. Whether you’re in between classes or in club meetings, look for […]

spring semester

How to Make the Most of Your Spring Semester

The weather outside may be frightful, but spring is right around the corner—and with it comes a brand new spring semester. After winter break’s lull, it can be hard to get back into the right mindset to tackle a new semester. Finding the time and motivation to get everything on your to-do list done can […]

new year resolution

5 Skills that Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve been struggling to get a job, missing goals, or otherwise not performing at your best, there might be a reason for that. Unfortunately, that reason is one that many people hate to hear: you might not have fully fleshed out your suite of marketable skills. That isn’t the same as saying that you […]

stay motivated in school

8 Clever Ways to Stay Motivated in School Before Your Holiday Break

Thanksgiving break starts this week; and after that comes the bliss of Christmas break. Like many students, you’re likely exhausted with school at this point and inching toward complete demotivation. However, losing your motivation before the break makes the time pass even slower — and it can affect your performance. You may wonder how to […]

traits attributes every student

7 Traits & Attributes Every Great Student Should Have

Whether you’re a student trying to improve your grades, or a parent who just wants their child to do better in school, facilitating self-improvement should be a top priority. After all, the ability to improve at anything is already lying dormant in every person who is willing to apply themselves and put forth a consistent […]

planning future

Why Planning For The Future Is Important

The future isn’t something we all want to think about too much. It can feel frightening and even overwhelming to wonder what might or might not be going to happen to us. But planning for the future as a parent is vital; if we don’t, it will be difficult to help our children grow into […]

start college day

How Should You Start Your Day in College?

Have you ever had that feeling that the best idea would be just to stay in bed today? That first train of thought in the morning, talking to you seductively trough the voice in your head about the glorious benefits of giving up, lead on by the notion that a tricky task is long overdue. […]

student website

4 Reasons That Students Should Have Their Own Website

Education can be an all-consuming experience for many. Between moving away from family and friends for the first time, to independent living and, of course, the workload, becoming a student can be a stressful time. Lectures, seminars and essay deadlines all keep you busy, but for those that wish to make the most of their […]

Six Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence in College

There’s been a lot of talk about this so called emotional intelligence  recently. So what exactly is it and why is it important?  Essentially, EI is how we perceive and understand what is going on around us emotionally and then choose how to feel, think, and act accordingly. It is the ability to recognize our […]