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How to Successfully Build Credit as a College Student

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Like picking the perfect courses for your major and putting together a schedule that won’t overwhelm you. Then actually passing your classes so you can graduate on time. Your credit score is the last thing on your mind when you’re just trying to enjoy the best years of […]

Five Tips for Managing Your Financial Aid Refund

Navigating the banking and financing choices can be especially tricky for college students coming right out of high school. People who are new to the world of finance may feel they have limited options. The following are just a few options. 1. Use a Student ID Debit Card Many schools make use of Higher One’s […]

College Graduates Need to Protect Their Credit – Here’s How

Summary: College students are at a great point in their lives. They are just getting started and don’t have any negative financial comments in their credit reports. Getting into wise financial habits now will help prepare them for their future. College is a great time of life, but the whole purpose for getting that education […]