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ways to hack your student loans

5 Ways To Hack Your Student Loans

Intro To Student Loans As the cost of college continues to rise, student loans are becoming more and more of the norm. Loans are sums of money borrowed from a lender that must be repaid, almost always with interest. Student loans can be made by several lenders. Some students opt to take loans from the […]

paying off student loan debt

6 Tips for Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt

Today, Americans’ collective student loan debt amounts to more than $1.6 trillion – a number that’s spiked 106%. As a college graduate, it can feel stressful to even think about what you owe to lenders. That said, you can manage. You won’t become debt-free overnight, but it’s possible to build a plan that tackles your […]

paying off student loans

3 Key Tips for Paying off Student Loans..Fast!

There are no real downsides to getting a degree. Well, other than the crippling debt, of course. That part can be a bit stressful. You don’t have to let your debt control you, though. Student debt is manageable, no matter what type of budget you’re on. Here are three tips on paying off student loans […]

refinance student loans

The Smartest Way to Refinance Your Student Loan

Over the last 30 years tuition fees for students have continually risen, with today over 1.6 trillion student loan debt in America. You may have been slogging through payments for several years or you are just beginning to repay your student debt, you’re probably wondering – ‘Am I going about this the right way?’. If […]

understanding student loans

A Guide to the Complex World of Student Loans

Student loans are a great way to help pay for college, but some loans offer better deals than others. Make sure you understand the conditions of a loan before you borrow.   Know How Much You Need Student loans are intended to help you with the expenses of college. This includes tuition, books, supplies, transportation, […]

student loans after graduation

Student Loans – What Happens After You Graduate?

With so much advice being given to college students about how to raise the funding they need for their education, the fact that this money has to be repaid often gets overlooked. It’s never too early to start thinking about what will happen after you get your hard-earned degree. Of course, you will be busy […]

PhD student loans

The Best Guide to Ph.D. Student Loans

The first thing you need to understand what a Ph.D. is. Now, a lot of people are confused about whether there’s a difference between a Ph.D. and a doctorate and, for the most part, it’s the same thing. You see, a doctorate is an umbrella term, enveloping (amongst other things) a doctorate, as well. So, […]

student loan debt

Student Loan Debt: What You Need to Know

When you think of debt, credit cards and personal loans are probably the first things that come to mind. You would be surprised to know that, besides mortgages, one other type of debt beats those two: student loan debt. Student loan debt is crippling Americans. In the United States alone, college graduates carry $1.5 trillion […]