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Balancing Your Relationship with Social Media in College

Today, it’s far more common to see a college student walking around campus with a smartphone as opposed to a textbook. Social media plays an integral role in campus life, with social media platforms and apps being used as an important means of communication and staying connected. However, this spike in online activity on campuses […]

Social Media Make You a Proactive Student

Today, social media platforms are continuously launching new and innovative tools and apps that make students proactive. A proactive student is fully able to participate in all the academic activities and experience new challenges in academic life. Proactive students have the splendid qualities, including planning ahead, managing time for studies and also participating in extra-curricular […]

Word-of-Mouth Is Dead – Enter Social Media for Contractors

Being a contractor myself, I didn’t discover the benefits of social media until just a couple of years ago. I move primarily in social circles of other independent contractors. What I’ve realized from these interactions is that the majority of my contacts still shy away from promoting their services through social media. We are reputable […]