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Moving to College?

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Our college moving center has everything you need to move to college. Start with this FREE college moving checklist

You will be setting up a home away from home. Stuff that your mother would buy is what you will need for college.

And it's so easy to shop:

Let's Give It a Try

tab:      do you need to look for new housing
tab:      maybe it's time to buy a car or motorbike for college
tab:      get a new laptop with required software
tab:      buy stuff for your dorm or apartment

print moving checklist to shop "the student" center


What Else,

Our college shopping center has everything you need before and while you go to college.

Moving-to-College Checklist

Our FREE college moving checklist can help you shop for and move to college. It lists everything you need to setup your college home and start your first day at school.

It's FREE - no registration required.

Simply print the checklist, check the items you need, and then link to the tabs above to find everything to setup your college dorm.

Get your FREE college shopping checklist


Let's Talk "College" Money

What is the cost of college: tuition - housing - food - books - supplies - transportation - computer - personals - moving?

Looking for a little savings on a necessity for college, visit the Laptop deals and save big on your purchase of a laptop or notebook for school.

Do you have enough money? Use this quick calculator to add up your total costs and total available aid. Then review what options you have to close the gap.

Go to calculate - estimate - strategize