4 Study Habits to Make Your College Years More Worthwhile

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  • Studying is a key part of going to college.

    With so much material to get through each quarter or semester, you will have to learn a lot of it on your own.

    Use these four study habits to make your college years more worthwhile.

    Create a Routine for Studying

    While you are in college, your class schedule will change on a quarterly or semester-based basis. If you also have a job, you might have inconsistent hours during which you can study. If possible, try to create a routine with your study schedule. For example, if your classes are primarily from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm and you work at the student union on weekend nights, try to make a study routine from 7:00 until 10:00 pm on weeknights and a few hours in the early afternoon on weekends.

    Complete a Degree in Digital Media

    A degree in digital media will prepare you for many different careers, such as digital journalism or marketing. To earn this degree, attending a reputable school with a digital media program, like UC Clermont College, is absolutely necessary for a successful educational experience. To start, you will need to have good study habits. Because much of your work for a digital media degree will be done on computers, be sure to give your eyes a break when you are working on projects that take a long time to complete.

    Choose a Place Free of Distractions

    While it might seem like fun to get together in a big group to study, chances are you will get more distracted than if you found a quieter place to review your notes and read. Choose a place free of distractions. Select a spot that is big enough to spread out your supplies. You might also need an outlet for charging your phone or laptop.

    Put Together a Supplies Bag

    Get a zipper pouch and put together a supplies kit that you can grab and take with you to a good studying spot. Your pouch should contain the cord to your phone or computer. It should also have basics such as pencils or pens, ibuprofen, a notepad and anything else needed, such as a flash drive.

    In addition to getting into a good studying routine, be sure to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep after a study session helps your brain to absorb the material. After studying for an hour, take a ten minute break to walk around, drink water and use the rest room. It gives your eyes and your brain a rest from intense work.

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