6 Tips for Traveling Abroad as a Broke College Student

tips for traveling abroad

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  • When you’re a broke college student, it’s easy to assume that travel is out of the question.

    Thankfully, creativity is a strength you can cultivate.

    If you intentionally set aside money for travel, you can plan ahead and still explore the world on a dime.

    Consider some of the best tips for traveling abroad as a broke college student.

    1. Travel with Friends

    The fun is always less expensive when you can split the bill. Whether you’re splitting a rental car fee or lodging, you’re going to spend less when you travel with a group.

    If you have a group of responsible friends who are interested in traveling with you, plan to travel together. It’s not always easy to travel with other people so make sure you’re traveling with people you actually know, like, and trust.

    If you have friends who are at different colleges in other states, you all can fly into a particular country, meet up and enjoy the experience together. This is an excellent way to keep costs low, reconnect with friends from other areas and have a memorable time.

    2. Explore Unique Lodging Options

    It’s easy to assume that five-star accommodations are out of the question. Truthfully, they’re not. If you’ve booked a room at a hotel for a cheaper price, ask for an upgrade upon arrival.

    If a better option is available, many hotels might upgrade you for free. It never hurts to ask. Additionally, you don’t always have to stay in a hotel in order to have a beautiful experience.

    A hot, new trend is called glamping. Glamping is a glamorous way of camping. Go glamping in Virginia with friends for the weekend. Another unique option involves renting an RV. This will allow you to enjoy the room, board, and travel at one cost.

    3. Make Plans for the Off-Seasons

    Every country has its peak times for travel. If you’re interested in visiting a country in the Caribbean, the low season is between May and August. You’ll be able to get the best deals while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

    When you know you’d like to visit a specific country, do your research to see when tourists flock to it. Avoid those times since it’ll be the most expensive. By becoming a little creative with your timing, you can get the same accommodations and experiences at a deeply discounted rate.

    4. Get Alerts for Discounts and Deals

    Plenty of travel advisors and websites offer information on discounts and upcoming deals. Join the email lists of these various websites. You’ll get an alert when a deal is available to enjoy.

    Follow the social media handles of travel sites that notifying when a glitch in the system offers a discount. This happens more often than many people realize.

    5. Become Less Picky About the Destination

    If you’ve been dying to stay at the Plaza Athenee and visit the Eiffel Tower, chances are you’ll have to save that experience for when you have more money and a full-time job. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still visit the Eiffel Tower.

    The key is to make accommodations that are realistic to your budget. You might need to stay in a neighboring city, take the subway to Paris, and make the Eiffel Tower a part of a day trip in your European tour.

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    If you know that you’d like to travel to Europe, keep a close eye on deals. When you find a great deal, it doesn’t matter if it’s in France or not. By snagging the deal, you can easily make arrangements to travel around Europe as subways and flights are much cheaper within the European nations.

    6. Use Credit Card Points

    If you know how to use and pay off your credit cards each month, use this method. If not, it’s not worth the debt. Find a credit card that offers travel perks and points.

    Each month, use that credit card to pay for basic necessities like toiletries and gas. Pay the balance off at the end of each month. As you get points, you can use those points to pay for your travel accommodations. With enough points, you can technically enjoy a trip for free.

    Even though your funds are limited, the world can still be your oyster. You just need to become really good at researching, planning, and saving. Plus, you won’t be a broke college student forever.

    The skills you develop in stretching your funds will serve you in the future. In the meantime, create beautiful memories as you explore the world.

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