7 Things to Look For When Deciding on a College

things to look for when deciding on college

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  • Going to college is everyone’s dream after high school.

    Everyone is looking forward to getting their degree and hopefully working in an industry they have been eyeing for a while.

    Even with this, choosing a college can be a hassle.

    There are so many things you need to consider, and you might get confused. These few pointers will help you pick the right college:


    The course you want to major in is the most vital thing you need to look at. Some colleges only offer a fraction of the courses in the market. Find out the right college that will offer you a course you want to study.

    You can also check out what the college is best known for. For instance, it would not make sense if you went to study performing arts in a college known for offering engineering and vice versa.


    If you have never been away from home, then you will have to think this through. While there might be a thrill of you studying in a college so far away, you might get homesick after a while.

    Check the weather of the place you plan to go to and see if it is favorable. You can also check out education opportunities in Canada and in other countries to see the opportunities available there.

    Picking the perfect location is more than just weather, you also need to make sure the culture, environment, and distance away from home are all things you will can live with.

    School Fees

    Many college students drop out because of the high cost of studying. Before you enroll in a college, find out what their tuition fees are and if there are any additional charges.

    You can also find out from the finance aid office if you qualify for help from the institution. Doing this will ensure that you know your options and whether or not the school you go to is worth the price.

    Another thing that would help with the school fees would be to look for scholarship opportunities. They would come in handy, especially if you are a bright student.


    How big your school is will work both for you and against you. If you go to a big school, you will have more people to interact with.

    It goes a long way to build on your experiences. The downside to this is you might have to compromise on the class sizes and the shared amenities across campus. A smaller college is ideal because the amenities are enough for all of you, and it has a close-knit feel to it.


    Since you might be moving away from home, find out if the college you want to go to has housing facilities. Find out if they are shared or individual and if they have coed housing or single-sex.

    If living in a single-sex accommodation is important for you, ensure you ask if the option is there since most campuses do not have this option. Some colleges have themed housing that brings together people with similar interests. Such options might be a great idea, especially if you want to stay with the people you study with.

    On-campus Activities

    Campus life can get boring if all you do is go for classes and get back to your dorm room. As such, it would be fun if you could indulge in games.You do not have to play competitively, but sports are a great way to unwind.

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    Find out of the school you plan to go to has facilities like a swimming pool, basketball courts and the like. These would make for a great after-class workout and socialization.

    Career Services

    Many students join campus without knowing what they want to pursue. In such situations, you might find the student changing majors so many times.

    If you doubt the major you are pursuing, it will help if you got someone who will advise you on what to do. Find out if the college you plan on going to has a careers office. They are better equipped to guide you on what you need to do during and after college.

    College is one of your life stages where you grow into yourself and realize what you want to do for the rest of your life. The college you go to will greatly influence your outlook on life. One of the things you need to do to ensure you make the best out of it is to pick the right college for you.

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