The Advantages and Disadvantages of Completing Your MSN

completing msn

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  • If you are already a registered nurse (RN), then it is highly likely that you are looking forward to completing your Master’s in Nursing Science sometime in the future.

    While an RN to MSN is without a doubt the right move for advancing the career of any practicing nurse, it is important that you understand what you are getting into, before choosing a specific field.

    On that note, we are now going to discuss the main advantages of completing your MSN and even some disadvantages that you should consider as well.

    Opening the Doors to Your Career

    While getting registered is how you enter the healthcare sector as a nurse, it’s not until you have completed your MSN that the opportunities in the field truly open up. Some of the high-paying jobs in the most renowned of hospitals and healthcare facilities often make it mandatory for the applicants to have a Master’s degree in nursing, while other institutions that don’t make it mandatory will still prefer nurses with an MSN anyway.

    In addition to employment opportunities and chances becoming much greater, a master’s degree will also allow you to focus your career towards growing in any particular direction. You could also choose to assume a leadership position or become a nurse practitioner if you prefer to be in a position of responsibility and power; it all depends on your specialization and you should choose that specialization based on where your interests and abilities lie.

    Better Salaries

    Even if you are working as a general nurse, just getting a MSN could boost the salary you are currently getting as a regular nurse by as much as 30% in some cases. However, the salary increase is usually much more significant than that because no one really works as a regular nurse for too long after completing their RN to MSN program. For example, the average nurse anesthetist earns more than $160,000 per year while being a nurse practitioner means that you will be earning a salary close to the $100K mark, alongside the respect and authority which comes with the job.

    Better Professional Abilities

    The job of a nurse or a doctor is different from most other careers in the sense that it’s not just a way to make money or run a business. Healthcare professionals make a real difference in people’s lives in the most significant way that’s possible in any field; they help save lives and assist in improving them. After completing your Master’s in any specific field of nursing, you will be able to help your patients better than you are able to right now and that in itself is a huge satisfaction for any dedicated health professional out there.

    MSN Programs are Expensive

    Now, the educational expense is undoubtedly a problem that’s not only particular to a Master’s degree in Nursing, but just about any other higher education course for that matter. Higher education is expensive in America and more so, if it happens to be in a prospective line of career such as nursing. It’s true that those costs are more of an investment in one’s career, but the tuition fees are still nothing to scoff at and you should check out how much it’s going to cost you, before choosing a specific field for the MSN degree. Usually, the higher the income and career growth possibilities, the more expensive the nursing specialization is.

    Completing Your MSN is Not Easy

    Since you are already a nurse, you might be tempted to think that completing your Master of Science in Nursing is going to be easy, but it most likely won’t be, especially if you are trying to hold on to a job and complete the course simultaneously. It can be done, but it will not be easy by any means. If you also have a family to take care of, things will become harder than ever.

    If some of the disadvantages mentioned here managed to somewhat deflate you, rest assured that they are not really roadblocks, but more like inconveniences. For example, if you are not in a financial position to leave your job and join a full-time MSN program right away, just head over to and check out the best available online RN to MSN courses right now. Online MSN courses hold no less value as long as they are completed from an accredited institution and their super-flexible nature makes them the perfect choice for busy professionals with families.

    institution, online nursing programs might seem like the best option for getting higher education in the United States.

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