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  • Everyone has a dream to start their career in an IT industry.

    No matter, either the IT industry is facing ups or downs, but nevertheless IT industry is something that drives people towards it for no reasons. 

    The infrastructure of the IT industry, facilities, pay scale and several others are the reasons why people would like to work in the IT industry. But IT industry is something that remains sensitive all the time. This is because, the IT industry is all about getting the projects from overseas companies and we cannot say that, every year the IT industry will be getting more projects while comparing to the previous year. Either they may get or may not get that solely depends on the needs of the company in regards to projects and software development.

    The scope of the IT industry also depends on the cost of the IT services. As far as India is concerned, the cost of the IT services remains cheaper while comparing to US and other overseas companies. The Indian-based IT industries would be in some kind of trouble as far as profit limit is concerned.

    Now, we are going to discuss about the statistics and the growth of the IT industry and IT jobs in 2016. As far as the proceeding year is concerned, IT industry has experienced 12 to 14% growth. The Indian IT industry is anticipated to grow at the rate of 12 to 14% for this year and as well as the upcoming year. Accurately, we can say that, the IT industry can experience 13.6% growth in the upcoming year.

    Future of IT Jobs

    The future of the IT industry will focus on three kinds of jobs which are consultants, project managers and developers. Now, let us discuss about the reasons why IT industries focus on these particular jobs. Go through the following list of jobs and find a way to improvise your career growth in 2017.


    As you all know that, consultant and his role are very crucial as far as taking the company move on track. Since, the consultant knows how to keep going with the project, what kind of demands that the client based and third-party companies expects from an IT industry and troubleshoot the problems. Without the consultants or consultancy, the IT industries cannot move on track. The consultants can provide useful and needful information to the companies when it actually needs.

    Project Managers

    Project managers are someone that can help to meet the demands of the project and delivering the project on time. IT industry is all about projects. And without the project managers, the project cannot be completed.


    It is needless to mention that, IT companies run with various kinds of software and websites. In order to develop the software or a website, developers remains very important.

    f you are dreaming to get a job in an IT industry, you must do any certification in Chennai in regards to courses that can help you building your career in the IT industries. Many certification courses are available to choose from. Among that, you can choose something that makes some sense to your career.

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