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Providing security is vital, in the real world as well as online.  There are a variety of security training career schools available; here you will find a few listed.  The benefits of cyber security degrees and how you may apply the knowledge into todays security careers.


About Seraph Training and Consulting was developed in 1987 as a unique security consulting and training firm. offers, corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, persons and communities a vast array of programs to solve problems with stalking, employee problems, threats, divorce investigations, theft, school safety, bullying, personal protection and background checks. provides a comprehensive resource for security, safety and liability problem solving.

Aegis Protection Group
Aegis Protection Group is a multi-discipline security consulting and crime prevention educational group. On-Site Security Surveys

Anti-Terrorist, Bodyguard & Executive Protection Training
Anti-Terrorist, Crime Prevention, and Personal Protection training videos for professionals and individuals.

Armed Robbery Training Manual, 7th Edition, Armed Robbery Training Associates,LLC
Robbery training of employees, in High Risk Business today, can help minimize business and employee risk. Reducing such risk is essential in minimizing potential loss, and liability when a robbery does occur.

Bodyguard School and Bodyguard Training with Job Placement
bodyguard school and bodyguard training at the Center for Advanced Security Studies

Professional organization for creating and delivering training materials for security professionals.

D&D Security / Training Academy Inc.
D&D is a fully licensed and bonded security training academy which offers a full range of security services and training.

Enterprising Securities
Enterprising Securities - Worldwide Protection Training, Services and Specialized Products. Our services and training are professional, detail-oriented and based on Real-World experience.

ESI Executive Security International
ESI Executive Security International

Hospitality and Security Alliance, Inc.
Hospitality and Security Alliance, Inc.

increased security builds confidence for close protection of you and loved ones
Increasing security awareness remains the best way to ensure you and your family's personal security

Phone Eavesdropping and Spy Equipment Video about wiretapping and bugging. Info on spy gear listening devices, bug detectors, telephone tap detectors, spy cameras, spyware, wireless cell phone security, industrial espionage, technical surveillance co
The Red Balloon, Security training video. Learn about telephone wiretapping, radio eavesdropping transmitters, different wiretaps and techniques used by both professional and amateur wiretappers. Chapters on techniques used in industrial espionage like wireless video systems, cellular eavesdropping, and hardware devices and Spyware programs designed to capture every keystroke you type on your computer.

Pickett's Primer
Pickett's Primer

security training services courses risk management act nsw australia
security training risk management Australia. Registered training organization vetab approved offering police nationally recognised assets security and maintenance qualifications

TSCM and Electronic Debugging Services and Certification Training
Professional Development TSCM Group Inc. provides professional TSCM related services and advanced technical security certification training in High Risk VIP / Executive Protection and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.