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important skills to have if you want to be a news anchor

Important Skills To Have If You Want To Be a News Anchor

Turn on your TV and flip to any news channel, and you’ll quickly be able to identify the show’s news anchor. This is the role that visibly holds the news show together—they verbally share and explain any pre-written or breaking news. Like any other career, being a news anchor requires a specific skill set. If […]

first interview mistake you need to avoid

First Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Going to college means a lot of new challenges to deal with. One of the challenges that high school doesn’t always prepare you for is your first professional interview. Depending on your major, you could look into internships and part-time positions very early on in college. Interviewing is a skill just like any other—you need […]

influence your college major

How Might the Pandemic Influence Your College Major?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has raised many questions for current and future college students, particularly when it comes to selecting a major. Choosing a major is a life-changing decision, and it needs to be taken seriously. As you consider college major options, let’s look at the pandemic’s impact on several professional fields. Public Health For […]

potential careers for future airline pilots

Potential Career Paths for Future Airline Pilots

Airline and commercial pilots operate various aircraft, including commercial airplanes, military helicopters, and private planes. Pilots must check the aircraft’s condition before every flight, monitor the plane’s weight balance, verify fuel supply, and weather conditions, and submit flight plans to air traffic control. And this is just the beginning of what pilots must do daily. […]

way to show initiative at your job

Ways To Show Initiative at Your New Job

Starting your first job, whether it’s the summer before you begin your college career or the first one you get after graduating, can be nerve-wracking. You might not know what to do, who to talk to, or what your responsibilities are. If you want to impress the people you work with, you’ll need to take […]

why pediatrics is the perfect career

7 Reasons Why Pediatrics Is the Perfect Career Field

An ideal career is one that is not only well-paying but also one that you love doing. When thinking about a career to join, these are the major factors to consider. If you are a person who loves being around kids and taking care of them, you can consider being in a field such as […]

get career ready

5 Tips for Freshmen to Get Career-Ready

You can’t gear up for your future too soon. Now that you’re in college, you’ve already crossed off that milestone. The next biggie is your first real career position! Sure, you’ve probably had a few entry-level jobs along the way, and you’ll have some more before you get your degree. They are all good ways […]

what to study at college

Decision Time – What to Study at College?

There’s no denying that the feeling of being accepted into college is a feeling of elation. All that hard work has finally paid off, and although the hard work isn’t over, you can at least rest easy in the knowledge that you know where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing […]

make your company attractive to new graduates

Workplace Culture: How to Make Your Company Attractive to New Graduates

Are you one of those employers that shy away from hiring recent graduates? If you’re, then you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. You may think new graduates lack relevant experience, work ethic, and communicative skills. However, they’re enthusiastic, driven, bright, and young, which, you’ll have to agree, makes up for their lack of […]