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plumbing career

The Best Steps to Take on a Plumbing Career Path

Plumbing can be a very stable and lucrative career. No matter what is happening in the local economy, there will always be a need for plumbers. But this is a career path that is filled with challenges and hard work. It’s not for everyone. If you believe that you’re up for the challenge and want […]

education requirements plumbers

Education Requirements for Prospective Plumbers

Becoming a plumber can be a lucrative career choice, and those who are interested in this profession will need to enroll in some specialty courses and apprenticeship programs. Having the proper training under your belt could substantially increase your pay in the coming years and help you land an ideal job with a great company. […]

police officer

So, You Want to Be a Police Officer?

According to official national data, there are currently more than nine hundred thousand individuals working as police officers in the U.S. But, even with so many officers on the job, many police departments across the United States report having trouble filling their ranks and keeping officers on the job. This is down to one simple […]

start own business

How to Start Your Own Business While at College

Some of the most successful companies now existing today were started by people while they were still in college. You might think that there wouldn’t be enough time, but it can be the most creative time of your younger years. It is also the best time because you have time away from your studies to […]

How Your Military Experience Gives You an Advantage in College

It’s common for members of the military services to struggle a little bit once they decide to rejoin civilian life. While this kind of hesitation is only natural after years spent in a highly-structured environment, there are actually many advantages veteran status confers upon prospective college students. Military experience not only looks great on a […]

completing msn

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Completing Your MSN

If you are already a registered nurse (RN), then it is highly likely that you are looking forward to completing your Master’s in Nursing Science sometime in the future. While an RN to MSN is without a doubt the right move for advancing the career of any practicing nurse, it is important that you understand […]