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digital accessibllity features

7 Simple Yet Vital Digital Accessibility Features to Put In Educational PDF Document

Digital accessibility is an essential element of every educational document and a website that improves the user experience for visually or cognitively impaired users and users in general. Various features need to be incorporated into the college or universities website’s design, content, and code or document to make it accessible to diverse audiences. Creating a […]

how to improve your study skills while in med school

How to Improve Your Study Skills While in Med School

For many students, beginning medical school is a dream come true. However, medical school is not for the faint of heart. Having a few tried-and-true study tactics on hand might help you feel more confident as a medical student and better prepared for exam day. If you’re wondering how to study effectively for medical school, […]

Tips for Success in Your Science Classes

Tips for Success in Your Science Classes

A strong foundation of scientific knowledge will serve you well in your life, whether you decide to become a scientist or are taking gen-ed classes. For the best experience in class, be present and ready to learn—here are some helpful tips for success in your science classes. Embrace Being Wrong Science is the never-ending search […]

Tips To Help Students Become More Productive in the Lab

Tips To Help Students Become More Productive in the Lab

Lab sessions intimidate many college students. Unfortunately, there are a ton of roadblocks in an intense study space like a lab that slow students down and make anxiety about productivity levels even worse. Here are a few tips to help students become more productive in the lab and overcome those hindrances. Keep Procedures and Instructions […]

useful courses to take while in college

5 Useful Courses to Take While in College

There are many benefits of enrolling in a college course to expand your knowledge, even if you aren’t planning to pursue a degree. If you are seeking a degree, these courses often count towards your electives and are fantastic ways to prepare yourself for a successful life after graduation. From sharpening your finance and budgeting […]

ways to earn course credits

5 Ways to Earn Course Credits

Course credits are the bane of an online student’s existence. While taking courses online is convenient, most online degree programs still require students to complete a certain number of course credits to graduate. These credits can either be free or paid, and you need to earn these credits to graduate. If you’re a student and […]

ways to prep yourself for the MCAT

8 Ways to Prep Yourself for the MCAT

The MCAT is the first and probably the most important step in your med school application process. It’s a standardized exam that tests your knowledge of high-school-level content. This article will provide you with tips on how to prepare for the MCAT. 1. Start Early and Study Hard The MCAT is a major exam that […]

develop your problem solving skills

An Exciting Way to Develop Your Problem-Solving Skill

Problem Solving skills are an important ability that every individual must-have. Defining a problem is quite harder as it can be anything, a person, a situation, an object, etc. No matter whatever the medium of the problem is, the skills of an individual depend on him/her to get out of the problem smoothly and smartly.  […]