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tips for getting ready for college with a disability

Tips for Getting Ready for College With a Disability

It’s hard to believe summer break is nearly over. That means a new year brimming with new opportunities and new challenges, especially if you’re getting ready to start college. If you’re one of the millions of students with disabilities who enroll every year, you may have a few worries about starting your college career. College […]

how to stay comfortable outdoors in winter

How To Stay Comfortable Outdoors in Winter

College is a fun, new, and exciting time in life. However, the weather can drastically impact this positivity, especially if your new school is in an unfamiliar climate. Your ability to withstand the cold temperatures and the bone-chilling winter wind is something you must develop. You cannot effectively weather the frigid outdoors without the right […]

essential school supplies

Essential Supplies for a Successful College Semester

You’ve made it through the fall semester, the holiday season, and the craziness that was 2020. With all that behind you, it’s time to tackle whatever 2021 brings. Whether you’re rounding out your freshman year or graduating this semester, the key to a great spring is great supplies. As you relax and unwind over winter […]

buying college clothes

Tips for Buying Clothes for College This Fall Semester

One of the funnest parts about going to college is updating your wardrobe. However, this can also be stressful if you have a low income or are not used to buying your own clothes. With the upcoming fall semester comes the need for more clothes. You want to purchase clothes that are comfortable to wear […]

outdoor college event

8 Tips to Make Your Outdoor College Event a Success

College parties seem spontaneous only at first glance. They are actually quite complex to organize since there are numerous things organizers must look after. If you are thinking of throwing one for your coeds, then these 8 tips will make your outdoor happening a success. Location is everything A secluded lake of pristine water and […]