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off to college

Off to College? 4 Things Every Young Einstein Needs

Heading off to college is a monumental event that often comes with mixed emotions. If you are feeling both excited and anxious, rest assured that you are in good company. Being prepared for the new experiences and challenges that you will face in the weeks ahead can dramatically reduce your anxiety level. In the process, […]

packing guide for college

Our Full Guide to Packing for College (with Less Stress)

It’s finally here. You’ve been preparing for this all your life. You’re heading to college! While this is supposed to be an exciting event, it can be full of stress and difficult decisions. Where will you live? How will you pay your bills? What should you pack? We can’t answer all of those questions for […]

handle a traffic stop

How To Calmly Handle a Traffic Stop

Most drivers get pulled over by the police at least once in their life. Despite how common it is, a traffic stop can still be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’ve never been pulled over before. A police stop is a serious circumstance, but it’s not the end of the world. If you know what […]

things to start doing once you move out

Things To Start Doing Once You Move Out on Your Own

Being on your own in your own place for the first time is one of the best parts of getting older. You have so much freedom and your own space to do with whatever you please. However, unfortunately, living on your own isn’t all fun. You have a lot of extra responsibilities when you have […]

pack for college

How to Pack for College: 4 Top Tips

College plans are up in the air for as long as the coronavirus crisis continues. But that won’t last forever, so planning for moving day still matters. Here are some suggestions about how to pack for college once campuses open and residential college life resumes. Lay Out Everything You Need—and Then Take Half of It […]

dangers overloading car

The Dangers of Overloading Your Car as You Move Out

Moving out of your dorm may come as a sudden shock, whether you’re moving due to COVID-19’s spread or you’re otherwise unprepared to move. While it’s tempting to pack everything you had while on campus into your little four-door sedan and set off for home, this presents a real danger to you, your car, and […]

keep dorm bathroom clean

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Bathroom Clean

Your dorm bathroom is worth keeping clean. The bathroom is the first and last thing that you interact with every day; if you take care of it, your college life will be healthier and more relaxed.   Purchase Cleaning Products You can’t keep any room clean without the proper supplies. For a bathroom, you’ll need […]

college packing list

A High School Grad’s Packing List Before Starting College

While your parents have no end of last minute advice and your relatives have probably been pawning off all sorts of things they’re totally sure you’ll definitely need, it’s time to get serious about what you should be bringing to college. Here are four things you’ll want to have ready the day you walk into […]