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Recent College Grad? 4 Things You Can Do Next

For recent college grads, life can be an exciting time, but it can also involve moments of self-doubt. This is especially true when grads begin to consider which career path is for them.   Fortunately, there are many ways of discovering the next step in a post-college journey, and with a positive attitude and the […]

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Graduate School

Venturing into a new phase of your life starts with knowing where to begin. If you have made the decision to attend graduate school, you may be overwhelmed with the first step — selecting the ideal graduate school for that next phase of your professional life. Daunting as it may be, the rewards are clear […]

Essay Writing Tips for New MBA Students

Going for your MBA is a great way to increase your skills in business and further your career in a competitive world. But getting into a great program is more than just having high GPA and GMAT scores because colleges and universities want to really get to know who you are as an individual, as […]

Deciding on Post Graduate Programs: 6 Factors To Consider

Choosing the right graduate program and applying to the right school is still a mysterious process for many students. It is a process that can be fraught with a plethora of uncertainties and ambiguities. For many post graduate students, anxiety can become an all-to-familiar friend. You have completed your research, interviewed professors, talked with present […]

Getting into Grad School: The Basics You Should Know

During the last year of pursuing a Bachelors degree, most college students begin to think about what their next step is. Some after graduation choose to get a job, others will volunteer abroad, or intern for a company or organization, while others will go off to graduate school. However, if you have decided to go […]