3 Skills You Should Develop While At Law School

skills you should develop while at law school

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  • Attending law school is a noble endeavor, and you should feel proud of yourself for making it this far on your journey.

    During your time in law school, you’ll need to develop certain skills in order to have a successful career in the field.

    While the skills you’ll have to hone depend upon your current strengths and weaknesses, as well as your intended field of law, some abilities are necessary in any case.


    If you’ve made it to law school, you likely know that writing plays a significant role in your ability to practice law. You might have not paid too much attention in your first-year writing classes during college, and you’re now seeing why this lack of focus was a mistake.

    You may want to consider enrolling in an undergraduate writing class to bolster your skills if you’re struggling. Another option is to find out if the university has a writing center for tutoring.

    Keep in mind that some law schools prohibit tutoring of this kind, so you’ll need to inquire with your department and professors regarding the rules at your university.


    When you’re making a case in the courtroom, you need to come across as confident in your statements. If you’re lacking confidence in your own argument, you’re going to have a seriously difficult time convincing a jury to believe you.

    Conveyancing, for example, is the legal side behind transferring property. With this type of work, you must exude confidence to the people around you, including your own clients.

    Building up your knowledge of the subject matter can help in bolstering confidence. Aim to practice confidence in other areas of your life so that this vibe has the ability to spill into your professional pursuits.

    Area Knowledge and Memorization

    In a courtroom, you can’t suddenly stop making your case to lookup certain terms. If the judge makes statements to you, you need to know what this professional is talking about. Thus, you need to have a strong memory and pay close attention to details.

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    When memorization isn’t your strong suit, practice building up your memory in other areas of your life. Then, you can apply the strategies you use in this endeavor to your career in law.

    Even if you think you know the subject matter well, study thoroughly for all of your exams to better your knowledge of the material.

    Law school can be a challenging time in your life, but these years are necessary to build up your abilities as a lawyer. Make sure you place a focus on the skills that you need to improve upon the most.

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