Decorating Tips for Your College Apartment

college decorating tips

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  • There are few things more thrilling than the idea of your own apartment.

    You’re away from home, have a space that’s not attached to the school, and you can do whatever you want with your surroundings.

    It’s exciting, that is, until you realize that rugs are eighty dollars and having your own space is both a privilege and a responsibility.

    But even though home décor can be a challenge for the first-time apartment renter, we have decorating tips for your college apartment to help make your home away from home a place you’ll love living in.

    Create a Workspace

    When it comes to decorating your college apartment, your first step should always be creating a designated workspace.

    Having an intentional spot where you do your schoolwork will help you mentally separate business from pleasure, making it easier to focus while you’re working and relax when you’re not.

    When decorating your workspace, balance peace with practicality. Incorporate plenty of storage to make organizing easier. This will make you less stressed when you go to work.

    Spicing up the area with potted plants and mood lighting will also help you feel more at ease and productive.

    Don’t Knock Thrifting

    Here’s the thing about your college apartment: you’re going to leave it behind in a few years. Don’t stress over buying all new furniture when you already may be struggling with finances.

    Thrift stores are your best friend when it comes to buying furniture, decorative pieces, and other household needs. If you keep your eyes open, you can find quality pieces and create a unique look you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

    Decorating the Walls

    Your living space’s walls are a blank canvas just waiting to be filled, and you have plenty of options for how to go about it. If you’re lucky enough to be in an apartment that allows you to paint, make sure you take the time with your color choices before gathering your paint tools and getting to work.  Paint looks much different on a swab than it does on a wall, so always test your paints before deciding on a color. 

    If you can’t paint, don’t despair. There are plenty of other ways to fill up the walls. Artwork and tapestries are always a go-to.

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    And if you have fan posters, consider framing them to add an extra dose of class when you put them on your wall. If you have a smaller space, adding a decorative wall mirror will not only catch the eye but make the room look bigger.

    Remember Lighting

    Lighting strongly affects your mood, so don’t neglect it when you’re decorating. It’s good to get light fixtures in levels, with bright lights for getting work done and softer lights for when you want to relax.

    You can also add a little dash of fun by adding bold light fixtures like paper lanterns, Christmas lights, or a disco ball. You’re only in college once, you might as well enjoy the ride!

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