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4 Apps to Help Students Survive College

College isn’t really a stroll in the park or all the fun and learn ride. It is much more than simple mathematics exams or an essay writing class. College takes a lot from you and demands from you the traits that will not only make you successful at college, but also successful in other walks […]

Graduate Sense: Ideas to Help College Freshman Adjust

College is one of the best times in a young person’s life. Traditionally, college bound students leave home for a dorm room full of people that have the potential of becoming close friends. Students become scholars, and learn to live life with limited supervision. This is when most get their first taste of real freedom, […]

Awareness of Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

Sexual harassment, unfortunately, is a disturbing issue within American culture that is alive and well. College campuses across the country have one thing in common: sexual harassment is widespread and shows little signs of abating. The statistical data surrounding sexual harassment on college campuses is nothing short of disturbing. Shocking Statistics The American Association of University […]

Creating a Career: What Jobs Might Take You Forward Faster

To succeed in today’s job market, it takes innovative thinking and a willingness to try new things in order to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, for those who may be looking to embark on a new career or change careers within their current company, there are many paths you can take to fulfill all […]

Planning for College as a Military Dependent

College is a big step for anyone and, as a military dependent, it will throw you into the first community that’s all about you. You’ve been part of a support system for so long that it might be strange to realize that it’s your turn to take the spotlight. There’s even more good news, too. […]

4 Powerful Ways to Stay Energetic Throughout the Week

According to a recent report outcome many students lost their temper on Monday morning. This is because of the tough schedule that students have to follow throughout the week. Fortunately there are ways by which any buddy can eliminate the stress of attending institutions for higher education. However, if you’re also among the students who […]

Missed the Uni Train? There are Plenty of Other Opportunities

Seas of debt, years of retail jobs and a lifetime of scuppered aims – life after university isn’t great for a lot of graduates. While this might seem like fear-mongering, it’s a fact of life for many recent uni-leavers. Tuition fees have risen beyond manageable levels in the UK, with many universities asking up to […]

Pros and Cons of Living Outside the Campus

Whenever you decide to study in a foreign university, you have to make lots of different decisions. These decisions range from some of the financial aspects to choosing the right course, looking for the university itself and arranging your preparation material more so like a luggage. In all these choices there is another choice that […]