Extracurriculars That Look Great on College Applications

Extracurriculars That Look Great on College Applications

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  • Students these days have access to all kinds of extracurricular activities.

    People usually pursue these ventures out of enjoyment, but did you know that your hobbies can help you get into college?

    Higher educational institutes like to admit dedicated, well-rounded students who exhibit certain professional skills. Show your dream school that you’re a perfect match with these extracurriculars that look great on college applications.


    One of the best ways to show your experience is by participating in an internship. This extracurricular looks great on college applications because it demonstrates your ability to work in a professional environment. Securing an internship means that you are skilled, mature, and have a high capacity to learn, which are all impressive qualities colleges love to see.

    Getting an internship in high school can be challenging but not impossible. Companies always want employees who are eager to learn and will work for free.

    Take advantage of this opportunity while you still have support from educators and family members and build your résumé with as much experience as possible.

    Team Activities

    Colleges want to see students working well in a team setting, which is necessary in the professional world. Engaging in teamwork indicates an ability to communicate, collaborate, and play well with others. It also means that you are reliable and can consistently follow directions.

    Many students choose athletics as their team activity, but it’s not your only option. Debate teams, theater troupes, and orchestras all require you to participate as a team member. It’s even better if you can successfully juggle two or more teams at once.

    Creative Projects

    Part of being a well-rounded student includes expressing creative abilities. Creative people are usually good problem solvers that think outside the box. Schools also love creative students because it shows they have dedicated themselves to a particular skill set.

    Students can document these capabilities by joining art, creative writing, music, and theater programs. You will look more dynamic to schools by showcasing a wide range of interests that require discipline to master.


    The best way to exemplify your potential is by holding leadership roles. This is especially true if you want to go to an ivy league school or another prestigious university. You will stand out over other students if you can demonstrate a desire to inspire and lead others.

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    Leadership comes in many forms. Being the president of a club or sitting on a council conveys commitment, passion, and communication skills that are vital to professional success. You can also get leadership experience through sports teams and work experience if you can climb your way to a position with more responsibilities.

    Applying for college is a rite of passage that many students take. You want to show universities your most impressive features to get into your dream school. Complete your college application with a vibrant and exciting résumé that exhibits all your incredible qualities.

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