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wonderful tech trends to watch

Four Wonderful Tech Trends To Watch For In The Education Industry

It’s hard to find something that hasn’t changed with technology in the 21st century. Our world is experiencing incredible years of innovation, and this represents an improvement in the quality of life. Every investment made in the tech industry results in success for our future. According to a study published in US News, the United […]

side job in college

How to Make Time for a Side Job in College

Having a side job is almost as necessary as going to class or doing your homework when you’re in college. Those tuition bills get bigger every year, though. And classes don’t slow down, so you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Working while going to school may not be your first choice, but life […]

how to stay focused when preparing for exams

How to Stay Focused When Preparing for Exams

Exams can be especially stressful, the same goes for studying for them. Feeling distracted or ineffective while you study only increases your stress. Luckily, there are several things you can do to stay focused when preparing for exams. Below are a few tricks that can be used individually or together to make the most of […]

reasons to stay on campus through summer break

5 Reasons To Stay on Campus Through Summer Break

If you’re looking for reasons to convince yourself—or your parents—that you should stay on campus this summer, we’ve got five reasons to stay on campus through summer break. It makes sense to remain at your university if you have classes to take, a job, and friends you want to keep up with regularly. Continue reading […]

how do college classes work

Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm Room

Heading off to live in your dorm room can be both an exciting prospect and a nerve-racking one. Dorm living can differ quite a bit from living with your family or on your own. To start off on the right foot, you’ll want to have a successful move-in day. Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to […]

what first-time drinkers should know

What First-Time Drinkers Should Know

If you’ve observed underage drinking laws and haven’t had your first alcoholic beverage yet, we commend you. But it’s hard to resist temptation once you’ve left home for the first time. Bearing in mind that the legal age to drink in the United States is 21, we can explore the potentially positive sides of this […]

starting college

Starting College? Tips for Moving Out Before Classes Start

You may be anxious about heading away for college, but you should also be excited. Leaving high school behind is a major change that many young people face with nervousness. During this particularly stressful period, you would most likely be living off- or on-campus, all of which come with their own set of challenges. When […]

gifts for homesick college students

8 Gifts for Your Homesick College Student

Going off to college is exciting, but there’s another side to this coin. At some point, your loved one is going to get homesick. To help with this, you can give your college student one or more of the following gifts. Homemade Cookies One thing you can do is make some homemade cookies. Make the […]

how to make the perfect study room

How To Make The Perfect Study Room

Knowing how to make the perfect study room may seem harder than it sounds. There are a number of minor issues that you can run into—problems so subtle you may not even realize they’re holding you back. However, it’s essential to have your own space where you can escape and give yourself the best studying […]

networking tips for college students

4 Networking Tips for College Students

There are around 19.7 million college students in the United States. While they may be studying subjects as diverse as veterinary medicine, business, or history, there’s one thing that few colleges teach: networking. Networking is a vital skill for students. It’s a great way to find work in competitive fields, make connections that will last […]