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Tips for Being Responsible With Your Money in College

Tips for Being Responsible With Your Money in College

Going off to college is a big part of any student’s life. You’re uplifting your entire life to enjoy freedom, a higher education, and independence. But what happens when money becomes tight over the next few months? Thankfully, here are tips for being responsible with your money in college, so you don’t have to go […]

ways to impress prospective colleges

Great Ways to Impress Prospective Colleges

Before you start your life-changing journey and traverse the world of higher education, making sure you are fully prepared for the road ahead is a must. Going out of your way to impress the admissions officers can bolster your chances of making it to your dream college. Even if you know that you are the […]

ways to make online learning more engaging

7 Ways to Make Online Learning More Engaging

One of the secrets to ensuring that students learn well and get the most out of what they’re doing is to keep them engaged in your virtual learning program. Among the most effective ways to get students to feel involved in what they’re doing is making something interactive. When using interactive web-based learning programs, learners […]

difference between adult and teen acne

The Differences Between Adult & Teen Acne

Acne impacts people of all ages. However, it’s crucial to remember that some age groups are more impacted than others. Studies have shown that more teenagers suffer from acne than adults. For instance, while acne impacts 93% of adolescents, 73.3% of adults have it. However, not enough articles are discussing the nuanced differences between teen […]

resources college students need during the pandemic

Resources Students Need During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic altered almost every aspect of daily life, from how we shop for groceries to how we socialize to how we attend those early 8 a.m. lectures. Pursuing a college education is now more challenging than ever. A survey from BestColleges discovered that during the pandemic: 36% of students had trouble with time […]

college success for student with learning disabilities

College Success For Students With Learning Disabilities

Finding success at college goes hand in hand with overcoming challenges. This is all the more true for students with learning disabilities. All sorts of hurdles may arise from engaging with faculty and classmates, taking on difficult coursework, and struggling to learn through traditional teaching methods. Navigating through such hardships can create anxiety, but it’s […]

tips to find antiderivative quickly

Tips to Find Antiderivative Quickly

As the world is progressing, more and more people are moving towards adapting and incorporating technological advancements for their convenience and ease in the daily lives. While technology is paving the way for faster and better learning, we should do all we can to make it a part of our learning processes. In times like […]

how online education makes testing secure

How Online Education Makes Testing Secure for Remote Learning

Online learning can be a challenge. Making sure that testing is secure is one of the many things that can make online learning difficult since there are many ways to cheat. Fortunately, several things can be done to make online education more secure. Restrict the Testing Window Many on-campus exams have a short amount of […]

Why Are There Different Versions of the Ten Commandments?

Why Are There Different Versions of the Ten Commandments?

One of the most important scenes of the Torah and Old Testament is when Moses ascends Mount Sinai and receives the stone tablets that bear the Ten Commandments. These divine laws dictate how God’s people should live and worship. These laws are fundamental to Jewish and Christian theology alike. In America, we have another revered […]