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Why You Should Go to College in New York

Everybody deserves the right to education, especially if it means you can reach your dream career by gaining a new qualification. Going to college is all about starting a new chapter in your life and working hard to achieve your goals. However, before you can get too excited about this new adventure, it is important […]

minimize student debt

How to Minimize Student Debt by Choosing Schools Wisely

In the fall of 2017, state colleges and universities became tuition-free for New York residents whose families earn less than $100,000 a year. The limit will go up to $125,000 by 2019, meaning nearly 1 million families will be eligible. New York is the first state to offer free tuition to four-year universities. Other states […]

college applications

How Non-Traditional Students Can Optimize Their College Applications

If you’re a non-traditional student, you may feel a certain apprehension about applying to college. When you’ve been out of school for some time, it can be hard to get teachers to write recommendation letters for you. If you never took college entrance exams, you may be rusty on some of the material you need […]

standardized exams

Excelling in Standardized Exams: Do You Need Test Prep?

In the simplest terms, standardized tests refer to exams in which those being examined are presented with identical sets of questions. Remember, the set of questions might not appear in the same order. While you might have started with the reading and comprehension bit, your friend might have tackled the math bit first. Essentially, standardized […]

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Balancing Your Relationship with Social Media in College

Today, it’s far more common to see a college student walking around campus with a smartphone as opposed to a textbook. Social media plays an integral role in campus life, with social media platforms and apps being used as an important means of communication and staying connected. However, this spike in online activity on campuses […]

college prep

College Prep: 5 Tips for Getting Ready for College

Transitioning from living at home with your parents and being in high school to living on your own and taking college classes can be stressful. Many aspects of your life may change within a very short period of time, and you will be forced to take on responsibilities that you may not yet be familiar […]

undergraduate admission medicine

5 Tips to Gain Undergraduate Admission into Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Science

In a world of rising uncertainty, poverty, and conflict, health science and medicine seem to be increasingly popular among up-and-coming generations of young, mindful individuals hell-bent on making the world a better place. With the rising popularity of health sciences among aspiring individuals, the problem of maximizing your chances of entering a desired medical school […]