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The Best Prep Courses to Help Your Teen Prepare for College

Many parents rightly worry about their teen making it to college. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), almost two million bachelor’s degrees are granted every year. Parents who hope their children will join these numbers should follow the advice below to get them prepared and ready for what they might face in their […]

An Approved Toolkit for Essay Crafting Success

In addition to possessing an in-depth knowledge of the subject and good literary skills, every essay writer should master additional tools which will not only make their job easier and more streamlined, but improve their essay writing skills, as well. By automating certain processes that are tied to writing itself with the help of the […]

7 Tips On How To Write A Custom Essay

Essay writing, a term that will have different reactions because people who know how to write essays will efficiently do it and those who don’t will look in different directions in order to get the essay done in the rightful manner. For those who can write custom essays, I have nothing to say to them […]

Planning for College as a Military Dependent

College is a big step for anyone and, as a military dependent, it will throw you into the first community that’s all about you. You’ve been part of a support system for so long that it might be strange to realize that it’s your turn to take the spotlight. There’s even more good news, too. […]

After-30 Learning Curve: Are You Ready to Return to College?

Many people return to university as mature students over the age of 30, and it can be a very good idea. However, you are likely to have a very different experience compared to an 18-year-old student. Proper preparation for your time at university is essential, and there are a few important things to keep in […]

5 Benefits of Attending a Single-Sex School

Single-gender education institutions and programs have been making a comeback since the No Child Left Behind Act decreased the restriction of single-sex programs in 2006. But do single-sex schools really give your child an advantage? According to the experts, it depends on the institution and your child. Sending your son or daughter to a single-sex […]