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Mistakes That Can Kill Student’s GPA

Newton’s third law states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." There are a cause and effect for everything. Your GPA does not just drop without inevitable mistakes along the way. Using a GPA calculator, many people discover that they have less than 2.5 GPA out of a possible 5.0. If […]

frm certification

The Outstanding Benefits of Pursuing a FRM Certification

If you’re looking to enhance your career in financial services, you’re likely to come across financial risk management. It’s an exciting new career that is in demand at the moment. If you want to become a top financial risk manager, you need to pursue an FRM certification. It’s a long process and you are going […]

esl class

How ESL Class Helps Students Excel in All Areas at School

The United States had a record4.9 million studentsundertaking an English Language learners class in the fall of 2016. The number of language-learners continues to skyrocket in the United States as the country continues to open the gates of diversity. However, international students don’t always find the going easy in the quest to broaden their grasp […]

last semester of high school

Making the Most of Your Last Semester of High School

You’ve jumped through all the hoops, and you’re set to start college, a job, basic training, or a gap year experience in the fall. You still have to graduate first, and you’ll feel happier about your overall high school experience if you find ways to make the most of your last semester of high school. […]

harvard essay writing

Harvard Essay Writing

Essay writing develops very important skills in a person. They allow the writer to develop transferable skills. These skills help the same writer in the professional world. With research practice and disciplined writing, essays teach the writer to learn formal writing that is clear and communicates with authority. Essays teach research, exploration, and it consolidates […]

college gap year

5 of the Best Ways to Spend a Gap Year

No matter where you are in your educational career, sometimes you just need a break. However, a gap year before, during, or after college can be an opportunity for much more than just time away from school. Your college gap year can be a way to make money, gain experience, or see more of the […]

future career

How Your Approach to College Can Impact Your Future Career

Current public school curriculums are designed with one goal in mind — preparing you for college. One thing these classes don’t teach you is how to approach college and how it might impact your future career. How can you make the most of your education? How can you use your years there to your advantage […]

choosing college dorm

Things to Consider When Choosing a College Dorm

Dorm living is an essential part of the college experience, especially during your first year. It’s essential to find the right dorm for you so that you can have the best year ever. Here’s a guide to the things to consider when choosing a college dorm that will work best for you. Dorm Style, Layout […]