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Minority Students in The Legal Industry

You’ve made the decision. You’re ready to work hard and achieve your goal of entering the legal industry. As a minority applicant the outlook is promising — twitter facebook google+ pinterest Off-to-College reference: college planning forms  

The Pros and Cons of Going to College

To decide if or not you should attend college is not so easy. Completing college education takes time, and you have to invest lots of money. This is the reason why most people are stuck thinking is college worth the cost and all the efforts and time you will have to invest? To make things […]

Organizing Your High-School Career for a Successful College Experience

Teenagers as young as 14 years old are quickly planning for their college years as high-school freshmen. They’re touring local universities and narrowing down their choices. With college acceptance becoming more competitive each year, it’s critical to plan your high-school curriculum with as much precision as possible. See your college dreams come true by organizing […]

Benefits of Dance Classes for College Students

Dancing is a proper and complete physical exercise that helps the human body to maintain the functioning of its internal metabolisms. Dancing is full of excitement and engagement; obviously along with physical involvement it also requires time and emotional attachment. Questions arise; should college students serve their valuable time over dancing? Is dancing beneficial for […]

8 Essential Tips for Applying to College

For students with exciting career ambitions or those who wish to increase their chances of finding a well-paid job as an adult, going to college is a great idea. However, there are many different steps to take to before successfully applying. Here are eight essential tips for anyone who is applying to college. 1. Get […]

How Technology has Shaped College Preparation

As time moves on, the idea of preparing for college has changed drastically. Only a few short years ago, aspiring college students would be crammed in a financial aid office or huddled around the school’s community printer, looking to gather more information on how to effectively dive into the college universe. These struggles of our […]

Why Financial Planning is Vital for College Students

College is an exciting time that helps to create your future potential.  However, between partying, and perhaps a little studying, the fact that it’s likely your first time away from the family home may have temporarily escaped you.  But with this new found freedom comes responsibility – in particular, the responsibility to manage your own […]