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living off campus

The Benefits of Living Off-Campus in College

One of the biggest changes about going to college is living on your own for the first time. This is quite a shift for many, and there are usually three options as far as the living situation is concerned: commute from home, live on-campus, or live off-campus. For many, commuting from home might not be […]

medical field

5 Careers to Get You Started in the Medical Field

If you’re passionate about health and medicine, working in the field can be done without becoming a doctor first. In fact, there are many entry-level medical jobs you can acquire that make the perfect stepping stone for individuals who wish to work while they earn a degree and certification. All of these jobs do require […]

stong essay conclusion

How to Create a Strong Conclusion For Your Essay

Honing their essay writing skills is something that every student has to do. That includes knowing how to create a strong concluding paragraph. It is vital that you use it to make a positive impression. If you are at all unsure how to conclude an essay in an effective way, just read on. Below, we […]

Mistakes That Can Kill Student’s GPA

Newton’s third law states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." There are a cause and effect for everything. Your GPA does not just drop without inevitable mistakes along the way. Using a GPA calculator, many people discover that they have less than 2.5 GPA out of a possible 5.0. If […]