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Test Time: How to Kill Your Pre-Test Jitters

Stress always comes along with being tested, whether you’ve prepared well or not. If you really care about doing well; worrying is inevitable. The mechanism of stress exists to help raise motivation and the ability to work harder. In some, however, it tends to get out of hand and to become counterproductive. If you feel […]

What Your Letter of Recommendation for College Should Include

If you’re thinking about applying to various colleges in your near future, then there is a list of things you’ll need to gather. One of these is usually a letter of recommendation, or multiple letters of recommendation. These tend to come from such people as your teacher, guidance counselor, or employer and are meant to […]

5 Tips As You Prepare for College

It’s a rite of passage for many young people, but that doesn’t make it easy. If you’re serious about preparing for the physical, mental and emotional challenges of college, here are just five tips for transitioning to the next stage of your life. 1. Learn How to Pack Packing is an art form, so take […]

Disturbing Parents’ Habits for Students

Parents have direct effects on kids and today, in this article, we’ll discuss those disturbing Parents’ habits which affect their children, who are students. The relation of parents and children is an unbreakable bond. It begins at the moment a child open his/her eyes, experiences a lovely touch of parents. Parents complete their kids, just […]

Fast Pass: How To Have The College Experience Quickly

College is an important experience. It’s not just a time for learning – it’s also a time for personal growth. Unfortunately, spending four years in college is just not feasible for some. Whether this is due to financial pressure or life goals, some people want to get the college experience faster. Below are three ways […]

Public Administration as a Viable Career Option

There are several different ways to go about furthering your career. If you are someone that wants to get involved with the world of politics, then you need to know how to begin the process. Often, it is a wise idea to head back to school in order to be provided with the guidance that […]

Top 4 Tips For Higher Education Marketing

Ten years ago, higher education marketing was much different than it is today. Back then, your primary methods of reaching students and parents included hosting and promoting campus events, or by contacting them via phone or direct mail. Today, however, the internet has exploded to the point that most marketing for higher education is now […]

Top Learning Tools and Essentials for College Students

As a student in the masters in taxation online program, you likely have a rather busy schedule. Balancing school with work and a personal life can be tricky at best. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this list of the top learning tools and essentials for college students. These are meant to make your life […]