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tips for teen drivers

5 Essential Tips for Teen Drivers

Getting your license as a teenager is so exciting. It’s a true mark of independence, and it gives you a newfound sense of freedom. However, as exciting as this event is, it’s important to stay as safe as possible on the roads. These five essential tips for teen drivers will keep everyone safe and accident-free. […]

students staying healthy

Helpful Tips for Staying Healthy in the Winter

With flu season right around the corner and final exams soon after, keeping your health in peak condition is of the utmost importance. Dorm rooms and dining halls are breeding grounds for germs, however, and staving off the flu is often easier said than done. Luckily, with these helpful tips for students staying healthy in […]

buying used furniture

What to Look for When Buying Used Furniture

College living can be stressful. Dingy apartments, run-down appliances, loud neighbors, and messy roommates are all things any student may experience. Buying used furniture is a must-do for any new living space. It’s crucial every student knows what to look for when buying used furniture to avoid any extra headaches. Look Around The best thing […]

film industry careers

4 Vital But Ignored Careers in the Film Industry

While many people want to work in the TV or Film industry, most students flock to only a handful of the more high profile jobs. Directors, producers, and editors get a lot of love in the industry, but there are hundreds of people working diligently in the background to support the work that they do. […]

college workout

Creating a Successful College Workout Plan

College is the place to learn and set up for future career success. This undoubtedly comes with a busy schedule as you try to juggle classes, studying, internships, part-time jobs, club activities, leisure time, and sleep. This atmosphere often causes many students to throw physical health by the wayside. Regular exercise, however, plays a pivotal […]

pros cons studying abroad

Pros & Cons Of Studying Abroad In College

The earth is a huge place that is home to more than seven billion people worldwide. Your college campus is comparative to a needle in a haystack in perspective. There is so much more in this world to learn and explore, and college is a great time to expand your mental and physical boundaries. If […]

career planning tips

Career Planning Tips for Choosing Your Major

There are those fortunate among us who seem to have everything mapped out perfectly. Our peers who apparently have all their ducks in a row; they’ve planned the path to their major, and not only know exactly what their ambitions are, but also how to get there. What many students don’t realize is that those […]