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college bound

College Bound with Decisions to Be Found

You may have known all your life to this point that you would definitely be going to college. You studied hard throughout high school and maintained an impressive list of extracurricular activities to keep your transcript well-rounded. But one thing that even the most prepared high school student sometimes overlooks is the specific major they […]

debt collection lawsuit

How to Fight a Debt Collection Lawsuit and Win

Over 70 million people in the U.S. have dealt with debt collectors. If you find yourself when you receive threatening mailings and calls, or even an impending lawsuit to collect a debt you owe, you may wonder what options you have to fight back.   Are you ready to find out how to fight a […]

basic rights college students

Basic Rights for Young College Students – What You Need to Know

Most students don’t know their own rights, which is why they make easier targets for predatory groups and individuals. There are many different kinds of rights that students (and all people) have. However, there are two categories that are especially relevant to young students: automobiles and housing. Student Rights in an Auto Accident If you’re […]

make extra money online

6 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money Online

Teaching is a vocation and the school year is packed with activity and busyness. A lot of people think that teachers take the whole summer off to relax and have fun, but this is not always the case. Teachers can spend their summertime to make extra money online. From blogging to starting a YouTube channel, […]

teaching styles

Which of These Teaching Styles Do You Resonate With?

Each year, schools hire around 580,000 new teachers. If you’re about to become a new teacher, you might wonder what type of teacher you want to be to your students. It’s important to have your teaching strategy in place before starting a new school year so your students know exactly what to expect from you […]

college living skills

8 Important Skills You Should Know by College

Your first year of college can be a shock: you may have become accustomed to certain things that are bound to change once you leave. As such, it’s best to equip yourself with a well-rounded skill set before you head off to your first semester at school. Keep reading for a list of life skills […]

dental emergency

Have a Dental Emergency Away from Home? Here’s What to Do

What happens when you are away from home on study abroad or in your first week of college? You might not plan to have a dental emergency while you are away from your hometown dentist, but it can definitely happen. There are various reasons for having a dental emergency, including a toothache from an infection […]